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3/29/14 4:29 A

You want to do the "official" plan by Tim Ferris I guess?

I do a form of his plan, but I just took the basic concept of it and made it work for me.

He does no fruit - of which I have an apple almost every day (with pb so that the protein tampers a spike)...and I do eat popcorn, otherwise, do a google search for low gi foods, and choose from the lowest - as that is what slow carb is (low gi foods).

The cheat day? I never had a day where I "pigged" out, and ate anything (including processed white carbs) on the planet. In the beginning I did have days where I had a much higher calorie/carb intake - then I learned about calorie cycling.

Calorie cycling is the concept of thinking of your weight loss caloric number on a weekly basis, more than a daily one.

So, say your spark people range is 1200-1500 (8,400-10,500 for 7 days). You would eat about 1200 for 6 days (7,200), then one day eat about 1900, then back again - that gives you a total of 9,100 for the week.

I did that for a while, now I do 1200 for 4 days, then about 1700 for a day, then back again.

Anyway, if you want to do the "official" plan, you might have to buy the book.

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3/28/14 11:30 P

I eat eggs but no meat. Can somebody recommend me sample diet plans? Also the cheat day? Can I eat anything and in any proportion? Are there any guidelines?

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