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KIIYAE Posts: 43
8/14/13 8:27 P

As a success story put, try for 10, 000 steps each day! That's 5 miles.... Granted, it isn't easy in the beginning but you can work your way up to it =] Try just walking in place for a half hour, rest a half hour, and repeat. Walk for 120 - 150 minutes of walking each day. It doesn't all have to be at once, but it kills a lot of calorie!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 64,684
8/8/13 12:42 A

Just stay with it since most people never get to their goals because they QUIT.

KIIYAE Posts: 43
8/7/13 5:37 P

What sounds better:

Exercising like crazy and eating healthy and showing within two months


Exercising like crazy and eating healthy and suddenly dropping a lot of lbs/kg/stones 6months +?

To me, I pick the second one. For those that exercise like crazy, they can see their results and it further encourages them along their pathway, compared to those that do everything they possibly can and not seeing signs, but continuing with determination.

It hasn't been an easy thing for me, losing weight, and I'm still not finished, clearly.
I've had my ups and downs. A pound of Muscle weighs the same as Fat but takes up less room, so I've had to stop thinking that it's all muscle that I've been seeing in my gaining.

However, I started in April (24th) but I was doing lazy work, sloppy work, for about a month. Didn't watch calories, sodium, dietary fiber, nothing! Exercised maybe 5-10minutes 4 days a week. It was pretty lame!

In May, I found a Workout Trainer by Skimble that can be downloaded on phone, ipod, ipad, etc. It allows you to find a workout time-frame that meets your desire, find exercises in the areas you want to focus on at the time, save some as likes to refer back to, and allows you to make your own workouts (3 for free!). I did exercises by others that burned 200-300 each go for 20-30 minutes, and then created my own and incorporating breaks where I knew I'd need them. No weight loss showed, but I became sick for THREE WEEKS in June and I started leveling out until the loss was finally visible.

My fiance worked out with me but less active as I was, but he works as a stocker. It's fine. He got sick a week after me and ended the last week I was sick, and he leveled out too.

I've learned that you shouldn't consume over 1000mg of sodium daily, 42g sugar at MOST (Grape Faygo: 42g - one can!!), that although the body works to break down protein and carbs, it doesn't have to do a thing with dietary fiber and it stores it as fat.

To help with weight loss, this site has your BMR calculated, which goes up with exercise intensity - or you can find an online BMR. The BMR is the calories you need to consume DAILY without exercise, as well as how many CALORIES YOUR BODY BURNS AT REST/BEFORE EXERCISE! Say you need to consume 1600 cal but you only consume 1400, you naturally just burned 200calories away BEFORE you exercise. Sounds fun, right? The BMR is dependent on your age, weight, and height as well as gender. The average female burns 1200-2000 calories while men burn 1800-3000 on average. Check it out.

The average human can burn 240calories in 60 minutes, that's if you walk 2 miles per hour; FOUR CALORIES EVERY MINUTE! While at 3mph you can burn 6 calories a minute. Best advice? Walk in place to a movie, TV shows, while scanning/copying at your office work place, or when nothing to do at work as you wait on clients/customers.

:P For example, I walk at about 2.5mph when walking in place and I'm trying for 4 hours a day! Each day off that I can burn 1440calories every day, before my usual exercise.
That's a bit extreme.. but try making a habit of walking in place or around the room when distracted with the TV, for starters. Do a movie worth or 2-4 episodes of a 20-30minute TV show, resting during commercials, and next day do an actual exercise, then walk again the next day. Work your way up to being able to take on more.

It's not an easy journey.
The reason I started mine was due to lack of control of things in my life. I control what I consume, what I do, and I'd love to have a "summer body". What's your drive? You need something that will keep you going. As many will tell you, THIS IS NOT TEMPORARY, it needs to become a life-time thing, to keep your weight off and keep you in check!

Try to take a day or two rest and I wish everyone the best

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