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5/25/13 7:41 P

I get that way too once in a while, and the very hardest thing for me is to realize that the only way things are going to change is if I change them. There's that "suck it up" moment that I hate so much, but once that happens, I can move forward. Sometimes resetting my spark page helps too. It gives a fresh new start.

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5/25/13 6:21 P

How did you get going in the first place? It's tough to let go of the guilt of what you think you should be doing, versus what you actually do each day. That holds me back for a longer time than is necessary. Forgive yourself. You'll feel better.

Start small, build on that positive momentum once again! I'm working on getting myself back on track after 6 months off. It's too overwhelming to think of oh, I'll drink a gallon of water everyday and hit my calorie range, and workout for an hour. From doing not much of anything at all. Sure, I'll do that and keep it up! NOT.

So, just like the beginning of the "fast break" steps, drink the water everyday, track what you've been eating. I can't keep track of my food without wanting to make smarter choices for long, who lives a healthful lifestyle and eats an 800-calorie breakfast with 40 grams of fat?

You can do it, just begin. It doesn't have to be perfect, few things are.

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5/25/13 2:01 P

Lots of good tips here

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5/25/13 12:29 P

I have been crawling for about 10 weeks, but not every day, some days I am able to walk and sometimes it is just for a little while and sometime for the whole day, yesterday for example I was just going to watch a SP exercise video not do it, but a min or two into the video I said to self I can do this, got my exercise clothes on did the video and continued exercising after the video was done, its the getting started that's so very hard, I have never regretted having done the exercise. Maybe today you can do side touches while washing your hands after going to the bathroom, or maybe you can reach your arms over your head just a couple of times, or out to the side.
It's not all or nothing its a little when you can.

Good Luck

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5/25/13 11:49 A

"I can get over other people being disappointed in me- but getting over being disappointed in myself is another story."
THAT. Those words couldn't be more true for me as well. Reflect on what brought you here in the first place, Hun. One day, I'd like to be off some of my medications - I'd like to stop being too sick to travel (okay, that part isn't due to weight, but at least being more healthy in other departments would help) and want to see the me I've been hiding under the layers of fat all these years.
And not everyone can always just "get over it" when it comes to being depressed and/or negative. We don't all think the same, feel the same, or can "pick ourselves up" on our own. Sometimes those suffering from mental health problems - it doesn't "work" like that, so I don't really think it's fair to be judgemental on whether or not someone can just "stop feeling sorry for themselves". That's an important factor to remember when people say that to each other. It takes some longer than others.

Anyway, back to the point - I know it's rough after you've done a lot of progress (take a few steps forward and then 20 back), in weight loss, I've done it many times. However, for me, what makes THIS time different is for the first time, I'm not doing it because someone is calling me fat, the family is telling me to lose weight or someone's story on tv is making me feel gravely depressed over where their own weight has brought them. I'm doing it for me this time...for the first time. I've hid that I'm on this journey from my entire family (except my mom and stepdad and two best friends) and made it down 21lbs. Nobody at work has noticed and nobody in the family has noticed...but I PHYSICALLY feel better. So for now, til someone notices, that's going to have to be good enough for me.

5/23/13 11:27 A

Thank you, I really needed that pep talk :)

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/23/13 9:19 A

I've been there. It happened a year ago. However, what I have learned with this re-start of everything, is this: We will fail, fall, stumble, trip, and screw up. It is the guarantee of life. The only thing that is different is how we respond to that failure.

One day I was SO frustrated. I was focused on how far I still have to go rather than how far I have come. (I still do this and get frustrated) but I also realized something. I can stop eating right (which I don't want to do, I like eating healthy!) and quit exercising, and then in a year, if I don't gain back all the weight I have lost, instead of being at my goal, I will be in the same place I am. What good is that? The time is going to pass anyway. I can either stay on track, (because this is a LIFESTYLE change - not a diet, not temporary) or I can give up and be unhealthy for my life. I don't want that. I want HEALTH. I want a happy old age where I get to travel with my hubby.

The other thing is this. Track TRACK TRACK your food. No matter how bad your day is. THen you might see, no matter how bad it is, you might not have screwed up as bad as you think!!! And here is the other thing. ONE DAY of healthy eating won't make you thin. ONE DAY won't screw it up. After you screw up, just start over. You CAN do this.

DIDS70 could NOT be more right. DO IT. You are the one in charge of you!!!

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5/23/13 8:39 A

when I feel like this (and sometimes I do, we are only human), I answer myself one question-- would I rather wallow in self pity or do something about it? My reasons for being on this health journey (mind you i am NOT on a weightloss journey. I would rather get healthy first) are huge. They are bigger than any problem life throws at me. I focus on that and just get up and move.
I don't know why you are here. But you are here for a reason. Focus on it. Don't dream it, don't wish it, DO IT. You can't get where you want to go if you slip and then stay down. if you want to quit and wallow in your self pity, then so be it-- I would say you are not ready to do something about it. But if you say enough is enough-- then you are ready and will act.

only you can decide. If you say you can't do something, then you are right-- you can't.

Give yourself some tough love. I can get over other people being disappointed in me- but getting over being disappointed in myself is another story.

5/23/13 8:08 A

I really don't like talking negative talks, but not sure where else to vent my feelings.

For a few months now I slipped back into my old habits and gained a lot of weight back. Once again I am back at the self pity, self hate. I don't want to feel this way. I don't even want to see friends or go anywhere anymore.

How do I get up after a slip? How do I stop this cycle?

I am normally the one to tell someone just stop feel sorry for yourself and get real, but now I am the sorry susan. When I focused and determined I go all out and then nothing can stop me. But when I fall, I crawl endlessly.

Any help would be appreciated please


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