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6/7/13 10:01 P

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I normally don't "buy" into these "bars"!!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/7/13 7:18 P

It is ironic how these are advertised as something you can "eat between meals" to "avoid snacking."

Uhm. By definition, eating this bar between meals - IS A SNACK.

So really they are saying "eat this bar for a snack! to avoid the scourge of.. snacking!"

How about just eat a snack of your choosing! There's plenty of things you could eat that have "staying power" to fill you up till mealtime, that won't be any more calorific than these processed pseudo-food bars.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/7/13 4:24 P

I haven't tried it and I won't. It's just a gimmick, like Full Bars. It's not the answer to losing weight and getting healthy. I doubt that they work but, even if they did, you can do a lot better than a bar just by working on your meal planning and finding healthful foods that you enjoy and which fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied until your next meal. You don't need a bar to do that, just a little time to work on your meal planning and, if you put in the time for that, your efforts will pay off for a lifetime (and you'll know what to eat from now so that you feel satisfied).

Even if the bars did work, are you going to eat them for a lifetime? Because if you only ate them until you lost weight, you would gain the weight back once you stopped eating them and no longer felt full/satisfied and started eating more calories again.

Once you lose weight, you can't go back to your old ways or you'll just regain it. You'll also end up having to eat less calories to maintain a lower weight than you need to eat now, to maintain a higher weight. If you're hungry now, on more calories, you'll be even more hungry if you lose weight and need to eat less calories to maintain that weight. So, I would forget the bars and work on meal planning. That's the key to healthy weight loss that you can maintain for a lifetime.

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6/7/13 2:17 P

I've not tried the brand you mention, but I have tried Full Bars. They aren't a meal replacement; the intent is to make you feel full before a meal so you eat less.

Meh. I can do the same thing for less $ (and calories) by eating a small apple and drinking a glass of water before a meal. That's actually what I do on many days as I drive home from the gym.

read the ingredients, and give it a try if you think it's worth the money & nutrition that you get

CJSNLOVE3 Posts: 404
6/7/13 2:07 P

Has anybody tried the new Slimful bar? What do you think?

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