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6/2/12 11:50 A

For years now, even before I was looking at weight loss and healthier eating, I have had a Slimfast every morning (just can't look at food early in the day, YUKKY). Now I am keeping track and being more careful, I have one at breakfast and lunch, with some fresh fruit or veggies as snacks in between. I never get hungry, I never eat any other sweets, nor do I crave sweets.
I am bothered by one thing on Sparkpeople however, there are 235 calories in Slimfast and the 'My Nutrition' Tracker says it is only 180 ??? WHY ? ! emoticon

SLIMFAST, THEN emoticon THEN ANOTHER SLIMFAST, THEN emoticon THEN DINNER --- it works for me, I have lost lots of lbs. doing this since I started this at the end of January 2012.

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5/31/12 8:43 A


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5/31/12 8:37 A

Good morning, just another input from a fellow sparks, I tried Slimfast for a month but did not see any results, I ws constantly hungry and the sugar contant made me crave more sugary snacks.

Maybe it worked for some people but it did not work for me.

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5/31/12 7:35 A

Good Morning..........Thank you all for the great info. I'll probably pass on the shakes except in an emergency.

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5/31/12 1:42 A

I know my daughter and her husband do 'Fit for Life' and they always make shakes with fruit and whey protein as one of their 6 mini meals. When I was still working once in awhile I would do a slim fast shake in the morning cause it was fast. I also think there are better nutrition choices available if you have the time.

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5/30/12 12:19 P

Thank You for the information. I did not know that your body handles solids and liquid diets differently. I'll not do the liquid diet thing then.


5/30/12 10:53 A

There's an interesting article somewhere in Spark that talks about how your body recognizes solids and liquids differently. The shakes are calorie dense and might not give you a sense of fullness.

Bottom line- there may be better food choices out there for you, in place of a shake. I only post this because I have your best interest in mind and want you to have all the facts before trying a liquid-based diet as part of a meal plan.

Best of luck, and wishing you well!!!

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5/30/12 6:38 A

I'm a diabetic and not sure which shake would be best for me. I keep getting emails from glucerna

BEBA1636 Posts: 4
5/29/12 11:28 P

I drink Kellogg's shake

JIBBIE49 Posts: 65,765
5/27/12 9:00 A

Check but I'm sure there is a SLIM FAST TEAM here.

2FEATHER Posts: 600
3/12/12 9:06 P

Just my opinion but Slim Fast has a lot of "hidden" sugar. I used to eat the granola bars and then I looked at the ingredients and I stopped. Plus I never lost any weight eating those bars.

3/12/12 6:36 A

i drink EAS Strawberry Low Carb - I'm diabetic, and sometimes those fill me up if I'm craving something sweet! I, personally, do NOT LIKE SLimfast!

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3/12/12 5:24 A

Is there anyone else who uses Slim Fast or a product like it to have for a snack or meal.

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