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LITTLE_DIVA Posts: 539
4/16/14 6:53 P

Thanks for all the feedback, folks! I am so burnt out on what I have been making that I thought calorie controlled shakes plus the fruit and veggie and string cheese and nuts would be a healthy approach to having heavier meals at night. I gave put on weight and I know it is from heavy meals late at night, going to bed not long after eating them, not working out in the am from being whooped from the night before... I see the cycle and am looking for a smart solution.

I would be lost without my crockpot and am the queen of leftovers. I have nodded in agreement with every great reply, mainly because I already am in those habits.

I really didn't appreciate how bad those drink mixes are. I thought vitamins, nutrients, portion control, convience... I need to streamline everywhere I can.

I think I am good here at this point. Thanks for the input. You guys rock!

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,721
4/16/14 2:03 P

You might have a snack at 4 or 5 pm such as fruit and a piece of cheese or a handful of nuts. When you get home there are quick meals you can put together, like pasta, a stir-fry, even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. In the winter I do a lot in the slow cooker so dinner is ready when I get home and I always have leftovers. When you have time to make dinner make enough that you can save some for another night.

Personally I stay away from things like Carnation Breakfast or Slim Fast - I'd rather have a bowl of cereal with fruit and yogurt.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
4/16/14 1:45 P

Neither! They are filled with junk. Try a clean protein drink. Makes all the difference in the world.

BUDIES31771 SparkPoints: (60,713)
Fitness Minutes: (57,683)
Posts: 1,500
4/16/14 9:25 A

I like to make a protein shake in the morning, frozen fruit, coconut water, whey protein and add some benifiber to it. Fills me right up!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
4/16/14 8:28 A

if the shakes are what seem to work best for you, i'd call it your discretionary calories for the day and use it. i do the same thing with gels and gus when i am doing longer distances. i don't think they're the best or most nutritionally sound thing, but they work the best in the situation. and so long as what you're eating besides them is sound, that one decision isn't going to make or break you.
the one thing i would suggest trying is making your own smoothies. if you head to your local restaurant supply store you should be able to buy disposable plastic cups and lids and straws. barring that your local grocery store or smoothie place might let you buy a few of them. blend up some frozen fruit, yogurt and water/juice milk. pour it into the plastic cup and freeze. i live in florida and even in the dead of summer in my car it takes 2-3 hours for these to thaw enough to drink. you will have to stir a bit as it thaws, but if you take it out before you head in, it should be thawed enough by about the time you're having the slimfast or carnation. and it's similar enough that you should be as sated by it, but it's also going to pack a greater nutritional punch.
and do take a look at what you're eating beforehand. if you're eating something that doesn't keep you very well, then it's priming you to be not satisfied by the snacks. in other words, if you're eating cereal that only keeps you for an hour, then you're ravenous by the time you have your healthy snacks and the healthy snacks won't be enough. whereas if you had a satisfying stew instead of the cereal it could keep you long enough so that the snackier foods would keep you [because you haven't been hungry for the past 2-3 hours by the time you eat them].

4/16/14 7:45 A

It's tough working so late.

Have you tried to make something earlier in the day to have ready for when you get home?

Also remember that is really, really hard, practically impossible to overeat the really healthy stuff. Non starchy vegetables like leafy greens your stomach would literally explode before you could overeat it. Even foods like raw carrots, celery, cucumber and lean meats are super hard to overeat, I'm not saying it's impossible but just really difficult.

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
4/16/14 12:58 A

Here's a great SP resource. I think you need a balance of protein, carbs and fat to feel full long enough to get you through. While this article does have eggs, it also has nuts and dried fruit, yogurt and berries, a smoothie, and much more. You might want to check it out.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,109)
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Posts: 3,753
4/15/14 10:16 P

Have you tried green smoothies?

LITTLE_DIVA Posts: 539
4/15/14 9:54 P

I thought there would be better nutrition in them and I can drink them fast. I don't really have a break to eat meals from 12-8:30. All the healthy stuff already mentioned is what I am currently eating and am starving by the time I get home and then I overeat late at night.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,457
4/15/14 7:32 P

I'd steer away from the Slim Fast or Carnation Instant Breakfast. Those drinks are usually loaded with sugar and a long list of other ingredients. Is there a reason you don't want to eat a full dinner later? It's hard for some people to sleep on a full stomach, but if that doesn't bother you and it works best for your schedule, it's okay to eat your dinner after 8.

Coach Jen

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
4/15/14 6:48 P

I think I tried Slim Fast over 20 years ago but I couldn't do it at all. I got 4 Carnation Breakfasts in a Food Bank Bag and have had 3 but I find the sugar crash makes me sleepy and sluggish and once I even went back to bed and I'm usually great in the mornings. There's nothing like eggs, and nothing to be afraid of for them (see SP articles). I eat them with stewed tomatoes and fresh jalapenos when I can afford it.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,109)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,753
4/15/14 11:18 A

I would recommend fresh fruit, string cheese, raw veggies, raw nuts, a tuna packet, etc to hold a person over until 8pm on those days.

LITTLE_DIVA Posts: 539
4/15/14 10:02 A

A few days a week I am not home from work and ready to eat dinner until after 8:00pm. I've tried to eat a larger meal during the day and something light in the evening, but, it doesn't work out - not even time, etc. I picked up some walmart brand slim fast shakes to have on those days, and then a real dinner at night.


What about Carnation instant breakfast instead of Slim Fast? Is one healthier than the other?

Other ideas for satisfying light late night dinners other than eggs or soup or grilled chicken salad?

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