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2/7/12 9:28 P

I went to our sports authority and got a compression knee brace and it feels MUCH better when it's on, so I'm going to wear it for tonight and try to work out. If it starts to hurt I'll stop. Definitely don't want to exacerbate an injury. If it's not better by Friday (or if it's gotten worse) I'll make a visit to my nurse practitioner and see what she has to say. Luckily there's no swelling or anything to make me feel like it's a serious issue.

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2/7/12 7:26 P

The knee is a pretty complicated joint, so it's hard to know exactly what the problem might be. Hopefully with a little rest the pain will go away. If it persists or gets worse, you might want to get it checked out just to be safe.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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2/7/12 3:33 P

seems that I've always had knee issues. I really pay attention to proper form. I've also read that lunges stepping back (instead of forward) are not as tough on knees, so I substitute those in any class or workout DVD that I do.

I know that there are various wraps and braces that can help too. I have used an elastic knee brace for a few days when my knee seems to bother me more. That always works, so my issues are minor.

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2/7/12 3:19 P

I had a really great cardio step workout last night as well as all the strength training that SP had recommended for the day. This morning I noticed a tiny twinge in my right knee. It doesn't really hurt when I walk but if I raise my knee too high I can feel it. It's minimal pain (if pain is even the right word-maybe more like discomfort) and I don't feel like it should affect me working out tonight, but I guess I just wanted to see if anyone had any tips on what this might be and how to ease it away...

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