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5/27/13 11:02 P

Found a work out plan online that I will try to follow for a while. I am hoping that the harder training will tighten up some of the loose skin and flabby flab on my body. Being so heavy (up to 245 pounds after my pregnancies), I know it'll never be bikini competition material, but I don't want my bod to look so paunchy, and I don't want to have any surgical procedures unnecessarily.

I wish I could afford a personal trainer and a gym membership! For now it's all just going to be DIY routines and nutrition. I've done research, and I've done it all years ago, with good success, so it's not really worrying me. I'm just going to do my best!

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5/25/13 10:50 P

I'm going back to weight training. I feel better when I'm lifting and I just think it's how my system runs best. I'll do as much as I can at home to avoid crazy gym costs.

One month before my daughter's wedding - maybe I will at least look more toned by then! Yay!

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5/23/13 1:32 A

I did really well today! I had my meals and snacks planned out & everything! At 5pm, Will stops by my desk to let me know about a Scout fundraiser at Friendly's Restaurant and can't I please come and help support a kid's Eagle project. Doh! Of course I can support your Troop! How convenient the restaurant is on my way home...etc..

I chose things that looked lower calorie, or of some nutritional benefit with lots of vegetables. I know there was sauce involved, but at least I didn't eat the rice!! I DID eat a scoop of the most delicious ice cream on the planet, I think - Celebration! flavor with sprinkles, bits of pound cake, and blue icing swilrs....heaven - but only one serving!

I will make another attempt at planning meals for tomorrow. Hopefully, there are no more kids to support at eateries famous for their DESSERTS!

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5/22/13 1:13 A

I am Help Desk on call this weekend - yes a holiday weekend. The Systems Team may call me any day, at any hour of the day, to do their bidding. I did not volunteer - Team Lead gets the honor, by default! Crappity crapcrap. I will be lighting up my little charcoal hibachi grill in the back yard, close to my computer, and wait for my cue.

I suppose I will take the high road, and just thank my coworkers for saving me from all that tempting picnic food that would have otherwise been passed under my nose with the expectation that I try some of each item. **sigh**

All for the best!

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5/20/13 10:34 P

My 18-year old son finally got his driver's license! That's the last kid in my queue to take that important step toward independence! That milestone complete for all three, I look forward to their NEXT move! Now, my kids are very near and dear to my heart - but I will be happy to see them off and successfully (key word) on their own! I don't know if I will feel the angst of "empty next" when they're gone because, at this point, they are all turning out to be downright wonderful! I have no regrets about how they've grown and matured.

So, my daughter graduated college this year, and will be married into a wonderful family next month...that's one.

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5/19/13 1:33 A

I went to a local Scottish Games festival today for a couple hours-it was fun! I spent a lot of money to get in. Then I spent a lot of money at the vendors, and a lot more for some food to go, for my friend - not me! My son went separately, in his kilt- the Irish national tartan, interestingly enough - with one of his friends. He declares haggis is GREAT! I had the haggis last year - it was pretty good! Next year I will plan ahead and stay for some of the actual games. The bagpipe competitions were going as I strolled around. That was cool - I'm a bagpipe kind of nerd. I was told by my parents that there is some Scottish relative in the family, but I never found out who. No matter - I will claim the heritage now and do the genealogy some day when I am retired and have nothing better to do than fill my days with researching dead family members.

My friends were too busy or tired, so I went alone. I go almost everywhere alone because I'm pretty active. My kids can't even keep up! LOL!! I don't mind. I'd rather go alone, than not go anywhere (like my friends). It's so hard to coordinate time with people. I thought it would get easier to do things with my friends as the kids got older, but sadly, that is not the case. The kids bring their friends over all the time, so I'm up on all the young people nerd pop culture stuff. One of my friends does drop in frequently. But we never go anywhere due to being on opposite work schedules.

Life is kinda goofy.

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5/18/13 5:10 A


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5/17/13 2:37 P


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5/9/13 11:46 P

Sitting on my dining room table is a crazy collection of very pretty glassware. I bought it at a thrift store because I think it's soooo pretty. I'm not keeping it, though...I'm putting up for resale online. I have so much fun justifying my little $3 and $4 purchases! I get to bring the sparkly stuff home and clean it up and love it for a while before I ship it out the door.

I'm actually having a bit of fun with the online selling. I haven't much business, but it's better than sitting around playing Bejeweled! I feel sort of flattered when other people want to buy the things I like, too! Getting a little pocket change out of the deal is cool. I can use it to go buy more elegant crystal vases and goblets that send little rainbows all over my room when the sun hits the prisms! Yay! *sigh* such a child...

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5/3/13 1:25 A

My dream of changing the car headlight bulb was practically derailed by a visit from my brother. He felt his family - and manly - duty was to help. It's a good thing I watched the YouTube video to prep for my own foray into car repair because he had no idea what he was doing! Good thing I did my little sister - and womanly - job of telling that guy exactly how to accomplish the task!

Then I made him dinner instead of putting up the sides of my raised bed garden.


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5/1/13 1:09 A

Tomorrow I change a car headlight bulb - er, that is my plan, anyway. I'm trying to get into this DIY stuff. I picked up a set of metric wrenches and ratchet/socket wrench set. There was a video on YouTube someone posted showing step by step how it's done. I should have no trouble at all! I think I'll do the job in the daylight...just in case I need to call in a real pro.

Next home repair is the bathroom sink drain. I've dropped so many things in there, I'm surprised it works at all! THAT repair has been on my list for 3 months. Ya think I'm procrastinating??? Right you are, then...!

How does this tie in to my health and fitness goals? The theme, "Just do it" would seem to apply in both areas; I need to take personal responsibility for my life instead of delegating everything out to other people while I sit on my lazy butt; I can and I should do minor repairs wherever possible; I need to save money somehow - food and maintenance expense are two budget items that can are somewhat negotiable, month to month.

So, gonna just TRY it tomorrow and hope I can put back any parts I rip out before I call in the real mechanic. LOL!

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4/29/13 2:01 A

I'm not one to look into my past and say, "I wish..." or "If only..." I believe the best path to take is the one that leads you forward. There are only a couple of things from my past I do miss in this present life. I wish I still had my first car - a little chevy vega my big sister gave me. I also miss a few of my old friends. Remembering them still lifts my spirits when life gets tough. If only we were still connected...stay well, dear ones.

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4/27/13 10:18 P

Crazy crazy crazy week! So what do I do? Take three karate classes, and decide to mow the whole lawn! It's only an acre, but goodness! It's a wreck!

Key findings from atop the lawn mower: I need to get rid of at least half the bushes and trees in my yard; I need to have some serious grading and landscaping done to the back corner of the lot; I believe I will be qualified to repair lawnmowers by the end of the summer, judging by all the fixing I had to do on the mower deck today. That might be a good thing - I need to make some extra money, and my eBay listings aren't moving so quickly. Hmmm...small engine repair...??

It's going to be a long season...!

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4/22/13 11:06 P

I am so ready to do stuff this spring and summer! Maybe timing will work in my favor, and I will actually get to do some of the things on my list.

Begin planning my own business
Make renovations to the house
Start a vegetable garden
Don't lose my job due to all the travel, business planning, home remodeling, and gardening!
Earn my Black Belt!

Bonus activities would include: Starting a honey bee hive or two; purchase some chickens to raise - nothing beats fresh eggs; lastly, I want to make a cute landscaped patio out back!

Yeah, that kinda list should keep me busy for a little while!

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4/21/13 12:17 A

Chilling with friends on Facebook and SparkPeople tonight. I'm so thankful for good friends and family!

My life's theme song would be "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" or something like that. Life is so full of strife and conflict - but I am really not a yeller or a brawler. I love people and playtime, and cooperation. I enjoy seeing people succeed, but I never feel envious - I prefer to celebrate the success of others. I'm not a jealous person; I don't try to be in everybody's business. I enjoy listening to people who have something worth saying - although I believe gossipy ne'er do wells just need to shut up. So, why would conflict try to hunt me down and devour me?

Martial Arts teaches that we are firstly to avoid, secondly check if we cannot avoid, and lastly defend if we cannot avoid or check. I had a boulder dropped in my life's pathway this week. I am determined that it will not make me bitter, or close off my progress; but rather, like water, I will find a way to flow around the obstacle, and keep moving forward.

Challenge Accepted!!! Because even though I don't enjoy conflict, I do not fear it.

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4/12/13 12:35 A

Everyone gets 24 hours to spend every day. I feel like I fall short, some days. My karate Sensei was hammering this week about commitments and time management and sorting out priorities... Some day when I find a bit of time to spare, I will do that - sort out my priorities, that is.

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4/10/13 1:09 A

I wish I had video of my son and his friend trying to help me cut board length and nail together the garden frame today. I could have made more progress on my own, but it was so entertaining to watch an 18 and 20 year old trying to do carpentry when they've studied all their young lives to work on computers!

I'm so glad to spend time outside in this beautiful weather! Let the playtime begin!!

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4/8/13 10:35 P

So, my brother camps out at my place, wakes me up around 6:30 am talking on his phone, making coffee, and gets me to make him breakfast. I wish I could always start my days as early as he does - he does farm work, and is an early riser out of habit - but I've always been a night owl. I work the midday shift in an office. He used to get up around 4:00 am when he was working dairy farms.

Well, since I didn't have to be at work until late morning, I actually got a bit of yard work done! Spring is a wonderful time! I can't wait to get that garden ready. *Sigh*...maybe the boards will get cut tomorrow...

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4/8/13 12:09 A

I'm building a garden this year. It seems I will be doing everything on my own, since my kids are older and are forging their own futures. I found suitable wood for one raised bed. I want to plant some vegetables. My father was a fabulous organic gardener long before it was hipster! I won't ever equal his knowledge and skill, but want to give it my own go this season. There's none that taste so good as vegetables picked fresh out of the garden!

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3/28/13 11:39 P

I survived another week at work! Woo hoo! In celebration I had salmon and snow crab legs for dinner! Day off tomorrow means I can kick back - I mean - catch up on my house work and projects. Thinking more and more about a road trip...spring is such a great time to get away - just roll the car windows down and drive and drive and drive...!

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3/26/13 12:22 A

What I've been told at work is "less is more". Lately it seems to be that "less" help is "more" bad news for me! which is what I was told ABOUT today

So, put simply: another 10-hours of work + 20 minutes of cardio = 1 more late late night! My Business Analyst brain won't turn off now - the family is in BIG trouble! LOL!

I'm determined that this week I will stay positive and think of some way to at least turn my attitude around, if not the situation. Team Lead position is just the whipping boy (or girl) in my workplace. I get paid to suck it up...with a smile! What doesn't kill me gives me bruises...oh - makes me stronger...ow.
This can't be good for least I hit all my healthful living goals today. YAY!

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3/24/13 9:39 P

I want to turn the calendar back a few days and completely re-do the weekend. That's all...ugh!

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3/23/13 10:44 P

In five years I want to live in another part of the country and run my own business! My life needs a serious overhaul. I don't think I can put up with either the East Coast urban sprawl or corporate nonsense at work much longer. At this rate, eating habits driven by a stressful environment are going to sabotage my best efforts at keeping my weight loss momentum going. Sheesh!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/23/13 1:00 A

I felt like a nut trying to squeeze in karate curriculum at work, waiting in front of the microwave practicing forms and combinations. I probably looked even kookier to a couple of coworkers who probably saw me setting down my foot from a sidekick or dropping my hands from fighting stance because I spotted them walking around the corner.


Par for the course...

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3/20/13 12:43 A

One of the karate Sempais busted me for not practicing my curriculum enough. Ok. So, new plan is to keep strength training, and use karate forms and combos for cardio. Hate to break my stride - I was doing really well with my little exercise routine! I guess I'm turning into an old lady or something because it feels sort of upsetting that I have to change what has been working for me.

Oh well... the black belt rank is very important to me. So, I'll just have to suck it up and get this old brain to make it work out.

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3/18/13 11:22 P

Last thing to do today - strength training, upper body. Better hurry up & quit just writing about it!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/17/13 10:40 P

Frustration is really getting to me... I WILL eat smart this week. I WILL lose one pound this week so I can get back on track to shed that last 10 pounds!!!!

I didn't think it would get so tough so soon. I guess a lifetime of poor eating habits is hardwired in my brain somewhere. Wish I could flip a switch and turn it off!


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3/15/13 1:44 A

Eating unprocessed food now for almost three month. Have increased the amount of fruits and vegetables and decreased the meat. My exercises have gone from three 10 minute walks to walking 45 to 60 minutes. I have not missed a day since starting this journey. My health has definitely improved. My blood pressure is lower. I haven't had my cholesterol checked yet but I expect that it is good as well. I use to feel tired all the time now I have energy even when I work long shifts with only 1 break. I miss my sweets though so I have been looking for some good tasting low calorie sweets to make. I have made some pumpkin muffins that turned out great. Now to tackle some other desserts,

I am going away for a holiday in 8 days and that scares me I don't want to gain any weight back that I have lost. I am going to keep up with the walking everyday and if there is a computer available I will try to track what I eat.

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3/14/13 11:39 P

If I don't quit snacking all day, all my meals are going to be snack sized...and I'm going to keep snacking because my meals don't fill me up! Snacking snacking snacking all day long...gosh! What up?!?! All this writing about snacking is making me hungry. (snack snack snacksnacksnack...) ATAAAAACKKKKK!!!!!

emoticon i'm dead emoticon


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3/12/13 11:43 P

I was crabby at work today. Now I'm going to have to bake cookies or cupcakes to make nice with my co-workers. They're such a great bunch! They'll eat everything I bake before I can get myself in too much trouble!

I didn't get a lot of exercise in today - some dumbbell work on my arms while I was waiting for my computer to finish a task for me, this evening. There's just so much to do! No cardio tonight - just SLEEP!

Time to plan a relaxing summer (or spring if I can't wait that long) VACATION!

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3/11/13 10:04 P

I've decided to make my own salad dressings to save calories and carbohydrates. I used some mustard something that my friend made up - whole seed mustard, a little oil, and something else - I forget - that was really good on my salad. It should be fun to make my own blends!

Well, I won't be testing for my black belt in April with others at my rank. It's for the best - I'd rather my stuff be excellent at my current rank before moving on. The next advanced rank testing is in August...plenty of time to work on my curriculum now! Yay!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/10/13 7:56 P

I've been keeping up with my exercise - I don't know how, other than sheer will and determination! I am staring down the scale...10 pounds left to lose to hit my first weight loss goal... and it just looks really annoying. The good news is that I'm fitting into my daughter's size 10 and size medium clothing! The bad news is that she's fitting into my size 10 and size medium clothing. There goes my wardrobe - she's an artist and tends to get paint and other unwashable stuff on everything!

It's all's all good... I can live with the tradeoff!

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3/8/13 4:06 P


SMAJID1107 SparkPoints: (374)
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3/8/13 2:32 A

I've always wanted to do those things as well but judging that I have a fear of heights I may keep clear of the mountain climbing one. Great job! Hope you attain your goals!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/7/13 9:46 P

I will exercise...I will exercise...I will exercise...I will exercise...I will exercise...even though I am stinking tired and could probably work online all night and never finish. At least I have some job security there! Think positive. I will exercise...I will exercise...NOW! GO!

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3/6/13 9:21 A


JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/6/13 1:57 A

Road trip ideas: Colorado, Maine, and Oregon (not all in the same trip, of course). I've been to Maine and Oregon. I remember watching the Rocky Mountains seem to rise up off the horizon like clouds, at first, as we approached them. It was breathtaking for this East Coast kid to realize I was looking at a serious mountain range, not a stormfront. So, Colorado is definitely someplace I want to visit!

If anyone can recommend other sensational destinations in the US, clue me in! Summertime vacation days are coming up. I'm getting my plans in order for some FUN!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/4/13 1:26 A

Yessss! I am satisfied that my day is at an 'to-do' list nags at me, but I need to recharge. IT'S BEDTIME!!!!!!

Got a new-to-me vehicle so I can plan some road trips. I've got a few day trips in my head - I'll write them down and pick a couple dates during warmer weather. (Whatever writing down day trips has to do with bedtime is pretty obscure - you should know I keep a tablet and pen by the bed to record such epiphanies as may strike me during the night.)

I saw in some of the wellness information that sleep and weight loss have a relationship. Sadly, I have never been a great sleeper. I'd make getting more sleep a goal this year, but I'm trying to set mini side-goals that can be realistically met while my weight loss is still the big focus. Sleep goals will have to wait...but not right now! Hey, move it over Mr. Pillow - you're on my side of the bed - the side that faces UP!!!

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X5X52000 Posts: 6,016
3/3/13 7:10 P


JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/3/13 12:27 A

Day three of Jillian Michaels 30-day shred video, working on level one. I must admit that I am feeling shredded, but not in a good way, yet. Not giving up - I'm embracing my sore muscles and convincing myself they just "hurt so good"!

Gonna get up and do it again tomorrow - only 27 more days to go!

X5X52000 Posts: 6,016
3/1/13 11:34 P


JOYB19 Posts: 215
3/1/13 11:13 P

"Many miles to go before I sleep..." I think of that poem sometimes while I finish up some mundane household chore near midnight. Well, no boring load of dishes tonight - not this time! I have karate review to prepare for! Rank advancement looms on the horizon... It's Black Belt year for me - YAY! So, while the rest of the region slumbers, I will "Ki-Ai" my way through a few forms! Goodnight sleepyheads! I'll see you in the morning...(if I manage to get up in time for class).

*Sigh* it's just like cramming for college-only without the pizza and Snickers bars.

JOYB19 Posts: 215
2/26/13 9:30 P

Oh, I still have work to do... I suppose I'll be a good girl and log onto my work laptop for another hour to try to stay on top of things...try, I said. I've also been trying to eat well and exercise regularly. So, I put the step counter back on my waist today - only about 5,000 steps registered, so far. And I joined another SP challenge - to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day - because I don't do that, but I know I should. Like I need any more stuff to obsess about...really. I must be crazy...guess my friends are right!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
2/22/13 12:18 A

My goodness...where did the day go? There's been so much going on in my life and with my family and friends that I hardly seem to notice time passing! I'm determined to make a healthier body, but this crazy-busy week hasn't been easy on me. Nevertheless, Healthy is as Healthy does, so tomorrow I'll have another crack at it! Nice thing about this healthy living stuff - it seems to be contagious! Now, if I could only catch all the recommended hours of sleep! Maybe that will be my 2014 New Year's Resolution...


JOYB19 Posts: 215
2/16/13 11:18 P

Yaaaawwwn.... Spent the day out of town and arrived home feeling like I was about to STARVE to death! So, I flubbed up my calories today, but did some exercise anyway, just so I didn't blow away all my commitments to SP! I don't feel badly because I know I can get right back to doing what needs to be done in order to reach my health-related goals. That's different than I've felt in the past. I used to beat myself up about stupid slip ups. Have I really beat the self deprecation? Well, I won today's battle! AWESOME!!!!

JOYB19 Posts: 215
2/15/13 12:48 A

Midnight is about the time I settle in for the evening and get some "ME" time. I run pretty good on only a few hours of sleep, believe it or not. That's probably not the healthiest practice, but I think my ADHD just went undiagnosed as a child - too late to worry about it now, LOL!

I always figured it would be a good example to my kids if I was active in the community and in their lives. What did my example get me? Yeah - busy kids who stay active in their community! ...Except for my youngest college student who decided to take online courses this semester and hermits away in his room. He's a good guy, though! He made dinner tonight...well, he cooked meat for him and crab cakes for us both. It wasn't exactly a balanced meal (we're working on that) but it was very tasty! We were the only ones home. The others are off somewhere being busy...honestly the most wonderful kids, ever, but BUSY!

I'm hoping that my next example to them is that you can do anything at any age if you don't give up! Maybe they'll be superstars by the time they're as old as me, if they pay attention!

HEALTHYSLIM2 SparkPoints: (34,940)
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2/14/13 12:09 P

I like your message title... sleepytime nocturnes...
You have another woman here who really doesn't ever care to wear a bikini again. :-)

JOYB19 Posts: 215
2/13/13 12:47 A

You're right - it's definitely about growing up! I decided this year that there have been so many changes to my circumstances and my family's routines, that I've realized me and my life are in serious need of a total makeover! LOL!

This will be a fun, interesting year! Woo Hoo!

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
2/12/13 12:24 P

I think it has to do with growing up. I no longer care about wearing a bikini but do care about having the stamina to keep up to my kids when we go for a walk, or swim or bike ride....I like that when I am in good shape, I barely have any health issues. I like that when my health is good, I feel great. That's why I am doing it, to feel better about my health.

JOYB19 Posts: 215
2/12/13 12:16 A

I realized today that I don't want to lose weight to look great in a bikini - I think I'm getting past those days. I want to lose weight to do stuff I thought looked really cool in National Geographic: hiking, traveling, hang gliding, mountain climbing...

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