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7/10/13 4:19 A

I don't think that I can remember when I last has unbroken sleep as I never get more that 5 to 6 hour broken sleep for at least the lost 30 or so years.

Since I retired I do have around 20 minutes after lunch some days. Even walking 10 to 15 mile never help, so I take it as it comes.

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

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7/9/13 3:46 P

Hi Kittykatmn!

You could try melatonin 1mg or 3mg depending on what a doc. might suggest for a short term that may help your natural melatonin levels and also try not to exercise for 2-3 hrs. before bed

Plus check out the spark coach Tonya's suggestion emoticon


I can only have a light snack before bed since a small meal will bother my stomach and sleep emoticon

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7/8/13 11:26 P

good solid 8

7/8/13 10:42 P

I was waking up almost every night at around 3am. I did a saliva cortisol test and found out my cortisol is high. I started taking some supplements and trying to destress. I also through that process found a great OB gyn who tested my sex hormones. I was low in testosterone and non-existent in progesterone (meaning I was estrogen dominant.) Since I started taking progesterone at bed the last 2 weeks of my cycle I'm sleeping much better. Magnesium can also help.
To lower cortisol I was taking Vit C and Fish oil...need to get back on those. But all my labs have improved and I"m overall feeling better.

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6/15/13 5:59 P

Just got a Fitbit One and have been tracking sleep quality. Ugh, not so good. I am not sleeping nearly as long as I thought I had been. I have had a sleep study done, and use a CPAP faithfully, but I obviously have a lot of work to do on my sleep hygiene.

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11/23/12 7:46 P


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11/20/12 10:49 A

Catching a cold; did not sleep well.

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11/20/12 10:47 A

You can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Here are 7 ways to get back on track. You’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

7 Hidden Ways to Get Better Sleep
Go From Restless to Well-Rested in No Time

Coach Tanya

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11/20/12 10:21 A

I slept really well. Was tired from a long day at work and sleep was just what I needed.

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11/20/12 10:14 A

Slept like a baby!

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11/20/12 10:10 A

Last night I wanted to focus on getting more sleep, since that is one area I am notoriously terrible at. I was pretty excited when I was tired after my belly dancing class because I thought it would be easy to pass out at a decent time and I was right. After a small late dinner, I was able to get in bed at 11 and fall asleep within about 15 minutes! The only problem was that I woke up about 12, went back to sleep, then woke up again around 3 and 5:45. I set my alarm for 6 and hit the snooze a few times so I actually wake up, but my sleep pattern was all even though I got about 8 hours of sleep, I don't feel it was the most quality sleep.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get more of a better night's sleep????

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