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10/7/11 4:17 P

Dehydration can also contribute to weariness... costumes can really sap the water.

Good luck with the Puccini.

10/7/11 1:31 P

Thanks for the input BRITOMART!

Just to let you know, I'm in a production of Mme Butterfly. I've been at rehearsals every night (except for yesterday) this week for 3-5 hours, mostly 5 hours. I get really hot in my costume and wig. Especially the wig. Maybe that's why I'm so drained after the rehearsal is over. But I will be done after tomorrow night. And I will be able to get a good night's sleep tonight too.

Thank you for your suggestions. I'm really not in a position where I can take a nap at work, but I definitely need to bring complex carbs the next time I'm in the middle of a production week. emoticon

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10/6/11 5:22 P

If the combination and/or intensity of activities this week is unusual for you, then you may need more than your usual 7 hours sleep to recover. You don't specify type of 'rehearsal;' I know that on those weeks when I have nightly orchestral rehearsals, I need to add 45-60 minutes to my usual sleep (sometime during the day) to compensate. I try to snatch cat naps in my office between classes, or 20 minutes at home before I leave for rehearsal. Any kind of rehearsal is more taxing than not rehearsing, if you follow my point, and your body is 'giving out' more, so it needs you to 'put in' more. (I also find that upping my complex carbs a bit during orchestra weeks helps--but that's very personal, and I'm sure someone will come flying down with a pro-low-carb diatribe, so take it with a grain of [sodium-less] salt!)

10/5/11 1:29 P

Thanks for your reply!!!

I don't think it's cold/flu. I don't have any of those symptoms and I had a cold a few weeks ago. I really think it's because I've had really long days. I'm up at 6:45 - 6:50 and I don't get to go to bed until 11:30ish.

I'm fine in everything else I think. I've been limited in how much I can workout this week, so that's why I started walking during my break at work. And plus it is a great way to get some fresh air. I think I'm eating enough, but maybe I need to eat different foods like maybe complex carbs to keep me going.

Thank you for your input! :)

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10/5/11 1:16 P

Perhaps you're coming down with a cold/flu ? Have you been under any excess stress at work, home, family, relationship, school ? Excess stress can cause fatigue. Are you eating enough ? Sometimes fatigue can be related to the foods we eat. food = energy and no food = no energy or fatigue.

Have you been taking rest/recovery days when you exercise or have you been continuously exercising without a break ? If you've increased your exercise or haven't taken a day off, fatigue is your body's way of saying,"I need a rest". So, why not take a couple of days off from your routine. let your body rest to see if maybe it just needed a couple days off.

You won't hurt your efforts at good health or weight loss if you take a couple of days off. Of course, it could be TOM. Is your menstrual cycle near ? Many women experience fatigue during their menstrual cycle.

Of course, the absolute worse case scenario for fatigue in women is heart disease. not to frighten you. Because there are many many different causes of fatigue. Some as simple as needing more sleep and others as complex as heart disease.

If you're truly concerned, you should talk to your doctor.

10/5/11 1:10 P

Hello all!

I'm really not sure where to post this topic. It's not really a "panic" issue.

I've been really tired this week and I don't have much energy because I've had really long days. I work all day then go to rehearsals til late. I'm still getting around 7 hours of sleep though. That should be enough, but I am still really tired.

I've done a few things to combat this constant tiredness and lack of energy. I walk around where I work at mid-morning to get some fresh air. I drank a cup of coffee this morning, and that seemed to help me a lot today.

Does anyone have suggestions that could help me get through the rest of the week? Actually, if I can get though tomorrow night I'll be okay.


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