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12/11/12 5:18 P

I can't offer an explanation for your sleepiness but I know I can't eat things like pizza or white bread/rolls without being overcome by extreme drowsiness, too. They also give me really bad hot flushes but at least I have been able to pinpoint the problem. Good luck with finding an answer.

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12/11/12 12:18 P

You may want to try posting this in our Diet and Nutrition message board, which is where our dietitian may see it and be able to respond.


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12/10/12 1:13 P

I don't have a Western Medicine Dr. :) I have not seen one since I had bronchitus at 11 years old. I have seen an irridologist several times and just recently made my first visit to a local natural-minded chiropractor. I am taking herbal supplements to balance my hypothyroid and andrenal related problems, which has been working great. That info website about oxygen and proper breathing is a hard pill to swallow because they seem to be indicating that reducing your breathing increases your body oxygen which seems so backwards, but I will continue to investigate it. I already breathe "properly" as according to them: shallow breaths controlled by the diaphragm, through the nose, and not sleeping on my back. Thanks for the advice, but I am continuing to search for the reason(s) for my sudden extreme sleepiness.

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12/10/12 8:07 A

Might I suggest ditch the Western Medicine DR and seek out a Chiropractor that works with "Wellness"?

I work with such a Chiropractor and your problem isn't that uncommon.
The DC I work with often relates it to the adrenal glands and works with adjustments and/or natural supplements and other tips to help balance things out.

I see several patients (I'm the massage therapist on staff) that have had similar complaints and since treatment with the DC they've done great. It's worth looking into :)

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12/10/12 7:00 A

Hello Babird1,

I did a web search on being "sleepy after eating" and it seemed to bring up issues with lack of oxygenation being the cause. Here is one of the links on that...

You might bring this up with your caregiver as your eating seems to be in good order for avoiding some of the other causes.

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12/9/12 11:18 P

Nobody takes it seriously since I'm one of the most chronically tired people I know

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12/9/12 9:52 P

Have you mentioned this to your doctor?

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12/9/12 7:58 P

I get extremely sleepy after every meal I eat. I do not have sleep apnea or narcolepsy. I don't consume much sugar or caffeine. I eat vegetables, natural grains, and a lot of lean protein. I don't eat big meals anymore. I eat small amounts throughout the day. That all does a good job of managing my hypoglycemia- general tiredness and the dizzy spells I used to get. But I'm still confounded by this incredible urge to lay down for 20 minutes after every meal. I think I've tried everything... what am I missing?

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