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Skinny Cow Ice Cream

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Posts: 5,768
4/19/13 12:02 A

Regardless of what they are, I have to watch myself. I don't eat skinny cow because of the artificial sweeteners; years ago I ate a whole package of weight watchers desserts. They are all good, but I really need to stay away from them. emoticon

SparkPoints: (154,588)
Fitness Minutes: (94,080)
Posts: 6,866
4/18/13 11:16 P

It's good

Posts: 11,123
4/18/13 10:48 P


Posts: 1,637
4/18/13 10:22 P

I like the Skinny Cow! emoticon

Posts: 836
4/18/13 10:04 P

I like to have the real thing. Because I have difficulty with stuff like this around the house, I go out if I really want it.

Posts: 1,283
4/18/13 1:33 P

I like some of their items but I do prefer to eat the real thing when I do indulge.

SparkPoints: (18,479)
Fitness Minutes: (17,528)
Posts: 34
4/18/13 12:34 P

I like SK for an occasional treat.

Posts: 5,070
4/18/13 12:18 P

Prefer the real stuff. Used to do Skinny Cow but don't anymore. Just hate the taste. Give me real ice cream, WW and Skinny cow have things inside that i can't pronounce. If i can't pronounce it, I don't eat it.

SparkPoints: (74,331)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
4/18/13 11:57 A

I like Skinny Cow.

SparkPoints: (11,117)
Fitness Minutes: (2,227)
Posts: 1,427
4/18/13 7:47 A

I love Skinny Cow! And WW has a couple of new treats (Greek Frozen Yogurt pops) that are good. They are expensive, but seem to go on sale every now & then. This is when I stock up! I need to try Snickerdoodle still! Sounds yummy!

Posts: 5,844
4/17/13 11:56 P


SparkPoints: (211,172)
Fitness Minutes: (190,480)
Posts: 6,656
4/17/13 11:40 P

It's good.

SparkPoints: (36,351)
Fitness Minutes: (16,191)
Posts: 562
4/17/13 10:32 P

Oh Skinny Cow, how I love thee! :)

SparkPoints: (78,008)
Fitness Minutes: (57,840)
Posts: 3,519
4/17/13 9:49 P

I've been buying Skinny Cow products for several years, it's our number 1 evening snack in this house, 7 pm almost every night!! I usually just get the plain frozen fudge bar on a stick though, but it has helped to see me through the rest of the day of eating "healthy" so I can at least look forward to something tasty. Those Greek froyou things make me have digestive upsets, and I do need to leave the house, lol.

SparkPoints: (63,467)
Fitness Minutes: (74,478)
Posts: 5,412
4/17/13 9:42 P

I don't buy Skinny Cow products often, more of a fan of the frozen greek froyo someone below mentioned or top-shelf "full fat" ice cream in small portions...but once in a while I do like the sandwiches, and the snickerdoodle flavor sounds potentially yummy.

SparkPoints: (111,796)
Fitness Minutes: (167,820)
Posts: 3,939
4/17/13 9:40 P

My fave were the vanilla and strawberry swirl sandwiches but they have taken them out of most of the stores around me.

Posts: 2,344
4/17/13 9:21 P

I had the ice cream sandwiches. loved them, till my son found them and ate three of them. I need a freezer with a lock.


Posts: 687
4/17/13 9:20 P

So many flavors to choose from, and all so very tasty!

Posts: 6,342
4/17/13 8:26 P


SparkPoints: (8,150)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 936
4/17/13 8:12 P

Walmart sells their own brand Great Value sugar free ice cream sandwhiches... 110 calories apiece, more reasonably priced, and yummmmmmmm! I love them.

Posts: 7,251
4/17/13 7:53 P

I love the ice cream sandwiches

SparkPoints: (59,534)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
4/17/13 7:53 P

I rarely partake, but wow, Skinny Cow makes some really top-shelf, amazingly delicious ice cream products!

Posts: 6,137
4/17/13 7:48 P

I enjoy Skinny Cow products but I usually wait until I have a discount coupon to use before I'll purchase them. I like some of the Weight Watcher ones too but they too are too expensive without using discount coupons

Posts: 1,809
4/17/13 7:42 P

Wow, they are under four bucks here and can be found on sale for $2.99 many times. I am going to start looking for coupons for them. They are more then ice cream to me since they have the cookie outside.

Posts: 8,023
4/17/13 4:06 P

I'm TOTALLY with you on that one, BunnyKicks. If I am going to have ice cream, it's got to be real ice cream. It is a treat I do not often indulge in. :)

Posts: 2,272
4/17/13 3:21 P

I usually avoid "treat foods marketed as Healthier Choices" as the claims are often deceptive (i.e. "low fat" doesn't necessarily mean "lower calories"!!), and I just don't like the way that they are advertised as some sort of weight loss salvation... and they usually taste like "diet" (i.e. NOT a reasonable fascimile of "the real thing")....

But, I will say, I finally got around to trying a Skinny Cow product a couple of weeks ago, and they do taste good.

That said - WOW are they expensive. Just WOW. I bought my first batch on a great sale. I thought I would pick up some more. They were 8 bucks a box for FIVE!!

So for seven dollars, I bought a box of TWELVE "Chapmans" ordinary not-miraculously-skinny neapolitan ice cream bars.

I looked at the nutrition info. Skinny cow 118 gram chocolate brownie ice cream sandwich: 150 calories. Chapmans 120 gram neapolitan ice cream bar: 160 calories. Skinny cow had less fat but more sugar. They both taste equally yummy.

Darn you, Skinny Cow - capitalizing on my need to find "diet friendly alternatives" - your 10 calorie saving is not worth double the price!!!!!

Posts: 4,945
4/17/13 3:04 P

emoticon YUM

SparkPoints: (11,907)
Fitness Minutes: (7,301)
Posts: 350
4/17/13 2:59 P

My mom and I both LOVE Skinny Cow. We recently got hooked on the snickerdoodle ones, mmmmmm

Posts: 13,555
4/15/13 10:25 A

I like Skinny Cow. When I really want ice cream but I don't have the fat to spare, they are a great alternative.

Healthy Choice makes Greek Froyo and it is really good and just 100 calories. I hope they come out with more flavors. So far all they have is vanilla, strawberry and blueberry

SparkPoints: (43,111)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 2,523
4/15/13 10:19 A

Love them!!! Unfortunately I love them too much and one sometimes leads to another!

SparkPoints: (116,050)
Fitness Minutes: (18,420)
Posts: 5,633
4/15/13 10:18 A

I sure wish they sold them here! But Malaysia has lot's of other delicious food!

Posts: 1,809
4/15/13 10:09 A

I was amazed to see all the new flavors since last summer. I knew they had vanilla, chocolate and mint, but now I see they have snickerdoodle, strawberry shortcake and peanut butter something. I bought a carton of the snickerdoodles MMM so good. 140 cals each. That was our dessert here Sat. night when we had a family dinner with my daughter's family over. Any other flavors I might not know of?

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