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POTSIE_MOM Posts: 67
11/16/11 8:40 A

I lost 25 pounds about 2 years ago and it took a good year for the skin under my chin to get tighter. I was so embarassed when I looked in the mirror. I didn't see the young Mary I feel...and it made me feel so ugly. However I kept doing all sorts of face and neck exercises and it looks so much better. It is not perfect but it is better.

Unfortunately not all of us have money to go under the knife but we can try other things to see if they work, I know how you feel and I hope in time the extra skin catches up to you. God Bless...

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11/15/11 8:25 A

I have the same prpblem emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,734
10/21/11 5:50 P

The way your skin snaps back is determined by age and genetics.
For many over 50, surgery is the only option to remove excess skin, as the skin has lost much of its elasticity.

PATSY142 Posts: 206
10/21/11 4:00 P

How do you get your skin fit to your new body? I lose weight, but I need to know how to get my skin to fit my new body. I have exercised for years and it hasn't helped. I mean I have exercised for hours and I still have flabby skin. I can actually wear 3 different sizes of jeans in the same day and not gain a pound. Any help will be appreciated.

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