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4/1/14 3:32 A

With pleasure DOODLES1013,, hopefully the info was good.
Thank you, I think it's a cool cat emoticon .

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3/31/14 7:24 A

emoticon emoticon

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3/31/14 6:35 A

Thanks a bunch! I'll check out the articles. Love your Cat pix emoticon

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3/31/14 6:33 A

emoticon I appreciate the info emoticon

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3/31/14 6:28 A

Lactose is found in milk sugar (a simple carb) and maltose and these are digested quite quickly.

Skim milk contains only half the amount of fat in comparison to whole milk..... compare whole milk without the unwanted calories and fat...Skim milk is packed with nutrients which are vital needs for our bodies and there is approximately 12 carbs per glass..... so there is nothing wrong with these carbs.

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3/31/14 6:04 A

Here is what I found:

"Simple carbohydrates like the lactose found in milk are often lumped together as "bad" carbohydrates with the refined simple carbohydrates found in table sugar or white flour.

However, on the whole, the unrefined simple carbohydrates are healthy and deliver more nutritive value than the refined simple carbohydrates found in processed foods, and should not be avoided by default unless you're specifically following a low-carb diet."

I also found this article that can help you extract some facts and decide for yourself:

I personally eat dairy - mostly coming from goat (feta, low-fat mozzarella, low-fat yogurt, kefir) and drink skim milk.

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3/31/14 5:21 A

Is skim milk a good carb or a bad carb?

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