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5/22/13 6:06 A

Walking poles certainly do take the pressure off the knees. Personally, I use them on steep descents or unstable surfaces while hiking (although I tend to fold them away as being more trouble that they are worth on level ground.

Most poles are so light that the extra calorie burn is minimal. Certainly, they can help you walk faster in some conditions, which is where the claims of additional calorie burn have some legitimacy. But it is the WALKING that is burning the calories, not the arm movement.

If the poles are helping you walk further or faster than you otherwise could (especially with arthritis), then that is great. But there is nothing magical about the arm movement.


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5/21/13 10:16 P

the other day I used my stick (old fashion wooden one) for hiking and I felt it in my arms afterwards for sure. almost bought a set they had at Costso yesterday

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5/21/13 7:17 P

That's a really great way to get yourself out & about--safely!! I only use my poles when I hike, but I did read that you can burn up to 25% more calories using them. Perhaps someone else will have better data on that...
Keep up your good work!!

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5/21/13 6:58 P

I have arthritis in my left knee, so it is difficult for me to run or jog, so I use ski walking poles when I go out for a walk, it helps for better stability, especial going up and down hills, plus using my arms with the poles I use more energy burning more calories.

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