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8/13/13 11:32 A

on many of those days when I just don't want to do my normal exercise, if I can just give it 10 minutes I find that I keep going. After 10 minutes, if I still just don't want to keep going, I give myself permission to stop.
Knowing that makes it a bit easier to force myself to get moving!

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
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8/13/13 10:50 A

10 minutes a day adds up to 70 minutes a week! That's a lot! It's about as much as those who do 30 minute workouts 2-3 times a week.

If you find a bit of extra time to walk the dog or push the kids in the stroller than your as good as golden.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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8/13/13 7:58 A

If you're doing 10 mins every day of moderate-high intensity cardio, it adds up. That's 70 mins a week and almost at your goal for 90 mins/week for general health. Besides, if you're just starting up again and planning on increasing your duration, it's a fine starting point. Even just to get you back into the habit. If you were to take on too much right away after not being used it, there's a good chance you might burn out, give up and throw in the towel. You'll work your way back up.

You only need about 30 mins, 3 days a week of high intensity cardio for general health and 2-3 days a week of full body strength training (about 30 min sessions). So you're not far off. I started worked out after my first child was born. Started with 10 mins on the elliptical and worked my way up to 60 mins in 3 months. Then fell out of the habit again for a couple years after my second child and just started up again last summer. I started with 15 mins a day, every day and quickly worked my way up to at least an hour 6-7 days a week in a couple months.

AUGUSTREADY SparkPoints: (1,560)
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8/12/13 11:50 P

Agree with everyone else - 10 min's a day is just a place to start.

Sounds like you're missing the feeling that a good exercise regime produces?

If so, then just set a goal to get back to the point where you can do these classes.

If time is your problem, then that's a different story...

The only way you'll be able to get back to gym classes is if the gym you belong to runs a comprehensive timetable that suits your new life, have the money to pay for childcare so you can go when you want or have a great support network around you to babysit so you can go to the classes again...

For most people, those options are not really that realistic...

I think it's important to keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with changing your schedule for a time in your life if you have to due to circumstance - being a mum with young kids is one of those times...

Don't beat yourself chose to be a mother, so enjoy it and make the most of it!

8/12/13 11:39 P

Ten minutes each day is a great place to start.

DDBRENNE Posts: 915
8/9/13 6:35 A

I use the 10 minute videos and they do work. The key is, they are varied and you are moving. Proper diet along with the videos can make a bigger difference than you think.

8/8/13 3:58 P

The idea of 10 minutes a day really helped me when I started. I was way over weight and doing the 10 minutes got me started. If I chose to walk for 10 minutes, it normally turned into 15-20 or more.
When I am busy, and 10 minutes is all I can do, then I don't beat myself up. I know I did SOMETHING. They might not be as challenging any more, but they have me moving. Those videos help on days when I can't get outside or the weather is bad. I have done several in one day before.

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
8/8/13 1:04 P

For general health, there's some evidence that three 10-minute sessions may actually be *better* than one 30-minute session. It's not strong enough evidence to make anybody quit doing 30-minute sessions, but it should be enough to make you feel better about doing 3x10 or 4x10 if that's all you can do. But do try to work in more than one 10-minute spell.

AHUVAK1 SparkPoints: (11,919)
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8/8/13 11:52 A

I'm not looking to exercise to lose weight, I'm very fortunate that I am in maintenance road. I just want to work out for overall health and wellness. I'm going to try and look for some HIIT workouts to do 2-3 days a week, and keep up my walking. Thanks so much for all the advice sparkers!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
8/8/13 11:27 A

I agree with Downeast. High intensity interval training can be an extremely effective workout in as little as 10 minutes or so. Intensity definitely trumps duration in terms of workout effectiveness.

Sweat is a poor measure of how effective your workouts are. You are unlikely to build up sufficient excess heat in just 10 minutes to produce the 'soaked shirt' effect.

HIIT combined with less intense longer workouts on other days can lead to a fairly effective program overall.


LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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8/8/13 11:00 A

I like the videos. The pilates I find is extremely hard. I did the January challenge where you different video every day. Somedays I would do all 7 of them. I find that if you do them in the morning it gets you moving.

SONICB Posts: 4,378
8/8/13 10:54 A

For me personally, I only see weight loss if I am very good about my eating habits. Exercise is more for general health & fitness.

The way I see it is, 10 minutes a day is better than 0 minutes a day. And 10 minutes a day 3 times a day is even better! :)

HAPPYGIRL1523 SparkPoints: (8)
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8/8/13 10:09 A

I think the 10 minutes works. For me sometimes it just seems to inconvenient to fit in a longer workout but if I say I only have to "THIS" for 10 minutes it is something I know I can accomplish. Once I start I tend to do more than 10 minutes as I am actually enjoying the walk, run, video, whatever it is just that first hurdle to get you off the couch.

It really does work...GOOD LUCK!!!!

DOWNEASTB Posts: 472
8/8/13 9:58 A

If you make the most of that workout by doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), 10-15 minutes every other day you can get results...if your eating habits are optimal as well. That's what I do and I've lost and kept off 40+ pounds for over two years.

JULISKA09 SparkPoints: (16,182)
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8/8/13 9:48 A

I think the whole thing with the ten minutes a day is that it's a starting point. Telling someone who isn't active that they need to work out thirty minutes or an hour or more will likely scare them off. Plus, it's something a lot of people need to work up to in order to be safe about it.

I've done a few of the Sparkpeople 10 minute videos and the fitness tracker said I burned about 100 calories, so it does make a difference. Even the government recommendations say you can break up your 30 minutes a day into three chunks if you want.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
8/8/13 9:45 A

Something is always better than nothing.

My impression is that the 10 minute videos are great for those people who don't have the time to do more and it gives you the option to fit in more than one 10 minute session in a day so you could still get the 30 minutes. Also, for a lot of spark members who aren't exercising at all, 10 minutes might be all they can do but at least you do SOMETHING and hey, once you start, maybe you'll do more.

I'm not sweating it out through body pump, shbam or zumba every day but I'm doing more than 10 minutes a day and seeing results because I changed my diet, which is really where the weight loss comes from for most people. Exercise just lets me eat more.

AHUVAK1 SparkPoints: (11,919)
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8/8/13 9:37 A

In my former life, before my second child was born, I used to rock it in the gym... Sigh. For the past few months working out has been pretty touch and go. To be honest, mostly go. I try to take a brisk walk a few days a week with them in the stroller, but I keep comparing myself to how I used to be when I would sweat it out during Body Pump, Shbam or Zumba.

Does the 10 minute spark videos really work? It really doesn't sound like it would do anything. Does it make any difference if I work out for 10 minutes or not at all?

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