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8/28/11 8:40 P

I am a single mom and i usually follow the sparks people diet. I am on a tight budget myself. I usually look for sale items i stock up on fruits and veggies . When i do cook i make a lot for the week i end up freezing a lot of my foods . For exercise i walk every were. i exercise with my daughter who is 17 months and i go power walking with her when i am not working and i exercise at home with my Jillian Michael s or tae boe after work.

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8/24/11 12:17 P

Dear CRISSYLYN2, My heart goes out to you. And being a single parent of two teenage boys, and divorced from an ex, his total existence is to use kids as a property pawn and cruel mental games, then emotionally/mentally attacking me too, revenge....I have realized "divorce" does not equal "free" from ex and the continuous harm. I share this because I want to tell you what I have learned....1) recognize and experience your emotions. It is grueling and exhausting, fluctuating. But keep finding ways to work through the emotions. Look for a divorce support group at a local church. They are typically free. They really help you identify triggers and ways to manage the "whirlwind" of divorce (which help you regain energy), regardless if you are a religious person. 2) on your worst days, keep telling yourself "this is temporary". it is not fun, painful, hurtful (he knows all the buttons to push), but it IS temporary. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. And you taking care of your physical body is a very admiral step to get you to "the light". 3) set realistic are not "free" from ex using every way, including your son, to sabotage you. Life does not become perfect once ex gone. you have a LOT on your plate and it TAKES TIME. Be patient. Don't think "perfect", think "how do I improve my quality of life at THIS given point". 4) the only thing you can control is YOU. Ex no longer has that control. So you find the 10min to run stairs, etc and laugh at the idea that he no longer effects your decision to take care of YOU. Work on turning him and dealings with him as a business and scheduling relationship and do your best to take the emotion out of it. Be very brief and do not waste anymore of your precious time "unraveling" over him or letting him un-nerve you. 5) use exercise to deal with stress. 6) GOOD, consistent, conscientious eating. use nutrition as your "steady" to fuel your body. Dont let nutrition take the same roller coaster ride and send your body through ups and downs. 7) make sure to keep up your sleep. Tell yourself, "the sun always comes up in the morning and tomorrow is a new day". Keep taking small steps because collectively they WILL bring about success. 8) find ways for you and son to stay connected and physically active. ie frisbie golf at the park, batting cages, water aerobics or swimming laps together. if he is in sports, for the first 30min of practice you brisk walk and then watch his last 30min of practice. Think about scheduling physical activities, one on one time. it will help him reduce stress, stay bonded with you, help him develop fitness habits, see he has a strong mom who empowers herself, and gives "car ride" times where teens FINALLY open up to talk. You CAN and WILL do this. Find ways to get to the source and battle the emotional exhaustion and it will help your personal fitness goals. emoticon

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I've been a single mom for 7 years. I get exercise DVD's free at the library, and turn it on - no cost, and if they're not fun just get different ones next time.

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8/21/11 4:19 A

I am a single Mom of one 13 year old boy. My x and I just divorced in April this year, he left the day after christmas and since then its been a struggle to stay positive and motivated because I am always emotionally exhausted. My x is always playing head games wth my son who i might point out has tourettes and high anxiety so it doesnt take much to get him going and then its all over I have to foucus all my time into him and calming him down.
Anyone have any idea how I can fit in more fitness time and stay motivated without burning myself out. emoticon

8/19/11 10:07 P

My girls are 6.5 and 4.5 and I've been a single Mama for three and a half years.
In March I started taking a Fitness walking clinic at the Running Room. My mom committed to babysitting the girls on clinic nights but I was on my own for my two practice walks each week. Now that my second clinic is done, I am fitting in fitness by working out to My Fitness Coach on the wii and doing a Learn to Run program on my own. I either try to fit in my walk/runs during my lunch hour or I do laps around the playground. On Wednesday my girls played in the rain while I ran.
I am in exactly the same boat when it comes to affordable eating. I am mostly focusing on buying fresh food which seems to be cheaper than the packaged stuff. I am also eating at home more rather than eating out.

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8/16/11 1:12 P

I'm a single mom with two kids as well. I started a small business recently with a friend, so I work to some degree every day of the week. My kids are older, 14 and 10, so it is much easier than it was during their toddler years. I have a hard time motivating to be active, and one son has picked up my bad habit. The other likes to go and do things, so I sort of take his lead. When he wants to go swimming, I'll set up a time when we can go and try to stick with it. Likewise with walking or bicycling. But yes, there's hardly any time for myself, still.

The meal plan: I don't do that either. Unfortunately, the kids don't like what I make for myself, so I often have a simple piece of chicken or fish on a big salad with steamed veggies on the side. I buy the meat in the big family packs at the discount grocery and freeze it in individual portions. I find that I spend much less money on food when I'm on track with dieting, rather than trying quick fixes like supplements and then giving in to compulsive cravings.

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8/16/11 8:30 A

I'm a single mom of 2 kids; 2yrs and 9mo and i've been doing it alone since they were born. I've learned many things also working a full time job there is not a whole lot of time for much else. I do not use the sparks meal plan too complicated for the lack of time. On the sparks recipes theres a make in 15 min section i've been useing out of that but ive only been doing this for a couple days now. But it does seem to be simple basic but good recipes that done cost much. The time to exercise is a hard one too I do a hip hop abs video. My 2yr old will "dance" with me sometimes never for long though so I just have to push him out the way and listen to him scream and through a fit about wanting me to stop but hes 2 he doesnt understand and will get over it. As for the 9 months old i try to keep him busy with toys and sometimes will go in the bedroom with his brother but for the most part i usually just have to watch out for him and exercise around him. Its difficult but possible.

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8/13/11 11:30 A

Hello there Sparkers! I've been off the bandwagon for wayy too long, but I'm ready to get back on. I'm currently parenting alone, which comes with the issues of time (I work two jobs, when can I find time to work out?) and money (Need bargain eating, but want it to be healthy too). Do you guys have any advice on how I can work past these issues while working on creating a healthier me? Does anyone use the meal plans that Spark provides and do you find them to be affordable?

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