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This pork chop recipe is really easy and delicious (not salty either!)
I used much smaller chops than the recipe calls for. I also didn't have herbes de provence so I just used italian seasoning.

This pork tenderloin recipe is also one of my favorites. It calls for 3 tenderloins, I just do one that's usually 1-1.25lbs, and cut down the other ingredients accordingly:
You can also grill it instead of doing the stove/oven method.

This is another favorite pork chop recipe:
I use boneless chops, and you can leave out the salt if you want.

Also when buying pork, make sure what you're buying is not injected... the package will usually indicate that. A lot of supermarket pork is injected with a saline (ie salt!) solution, so it ends up salty by itself. That could be why your boyfriend thinks a lot of pork is salty.

This is another favorite, it uses ground beef and ground turkey:

This pepper steak is good:
Top round beef is very inexpensive.

I've made these turkey meatballs lots of times, they're very moist because of the veggies:

Hope that can get you started :)

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5/29/13 1:39 P

I attend college, and my boyfriends in the PHD program of his school so we were very busy over the winter. I got into a habit of just buying frozen chicken and seasoning it in a ton of diffrent ways, bbq, spicey, hawiian, LOTS others. Unfortunately, I kind of over played the chicken and now my boyfriend and I are pretty sick pf it.

So I'm looking for main course, meat recipes. It needs to not have a ton of uncommon ingredients, and to be relatively low calorie. My boyfriend wont eat fish, shellfish or tofu. He will eat pork occasionally, but only when the recipe isn't "too salty". He's sort of sensitive to salt. He won't even eat bacon because he says its too salty. Crazy, right?

Any ideas?

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