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5/31/14 9:21 A

I think as many as you want. I have 2 breakfast groupings because most of the time I have one or the other; I have 3 lunch groupings for the same reason. I have made a grouping of a salad bar I sometimes make for dinner which includes tuna, hard boiled egg, chick peas etc. Then I can just delete items that I did not add to mine on certain days.

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5/31/14 9:08 A

Okay so how many groupings can I have? Anyone know? I like the grouping better. :)

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5/29/14 10:01 P

when you create a enter the ingredients in your new recipe and give the recipe a name,,,like pasta primavera ... the recipe calculator will store your nutrition info in the system but you track it with the one name PASTA PRIMAVERA. The recipe ingredients can't change day to day unless you edit the recipe..

When you group foods together it groups the different foods but keeps the entries separate so that it is easier to modify the quantity of a particular item. For instance, if you frequently make a Western Omelet with 2 eggs, half cup peppers, 1 oz can add the group to your breakfast that day and the items shows up individually But then you can modify 2 eggs to one egg if needed.

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5/29/14 8:13 P

I could make my oatmeal, flax seeds, and nonfat milk a grouping.

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5/29/14 7:29 P


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5/29/14 4:06 P

Say every day you eat frozen waffles, with syrup and butter. That would be a grouping.

Then it would be different if you made the waffles from scratch and needed to know the calorie content.

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5/29/14 12:38 P

What's the difference between a recipe and a grouping? Tracking it seems the same, it seems.

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