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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/26/14 11:32 A

I was deathly allergic to cows' milk as a child. I therefore never developed a taste for it. Tastes nasty to me, even now. Of course, I don't drink it - but it still gives a sort of "funky" taste to anything I might add it to.

Almond and coconut milks I *love*! I don't drink them straight up, though. I use them with something. You can get the vanilla versions, or you can add some flavorings. I love DaVinciā„¢ syrups. They come in an incredible array of flavors, and I use them in vanilla drinks (like protein shakes, et al) a lot. A tiny bit packs a lot of flavor.

I agree that different brands do make a difference. I buy some from groceries which market their own brands when I can, since they're less expensive. But try some of the others. You might find you like another brand better.

I avoid soy anything at every opportunity. I already get too much soy in forms I can't even identify from other foods. From my research, and many comments around the 'net, soy is a Very Bad Thing, unless it's fermented. Just isn't worth it to me, since I have other options.

I hope you can find an almond or coconut milk you like!

RITZIBROWN SparkPoints: (81,517)
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3/25/14 11:21 P

I switched from Silk Soy to Silk Almond then, finally to Blue Diamond, unsweetened regular Almond and drink it regularly as well as using it for cooking, etc. It's a regular in our fridge.

ALIAKAIS SparkPoints: (6,828)
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3/25/14 8:03 P

Personally I like soymilk quite a bit better than almond milk, though Almond Breeze Light Chocolate tastes fantastic! I'm vegetarian but have problems with casein, so I drink almond and soymilk. Soymilk tends to be fortified with more nutrients than almond milk, so if you're looking for health benefits, you'll probably find them there. Also, the vanilla and chocolate taste way better to me for drinking...I usually only use the unsweetened for cooking.

NSKYLINE115 SparkPoints: (50,453)
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Posts: 808
3/25/14 2:50 P

Thanks everyone! I got this milk just to try it out, I heard it was healthier than regular cows milk. Thats a great idea putting vanilla or mixing it in with a smoothie, yum.

JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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3/25/14 12:00 P

I drink unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and love it! I don't drink it on its own though, I add it to oatmeal, or put a dash in my coffee. Basically, I drink it because it's lower in calories, fat and sugar when compared to 1% milk (not sure about it's comparison to skim). Also, the brand I buy is fortified with other vitamins so that is good. If you choose a flavoured one make sure you buy unsweetened or else the sugar count sky rockets.

SYDNEYAMI SparkPoints: (736)
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3/25/14 11:36 A

If you aren't lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy, it's best to stick with skim milk, but fortified almond milk will do just as well. I really like to cook with almond milk and use it in cereals, but by its self is just too much. It does that a while to get used to the taste, though I find it isn't as "weird" as soy milk.

EXNOLA Posts: 310
3/25/14 11:22 A

I like almond milk. I buy it unsweetened and use it in coffee, on cereal, and smoothies. I do not drink it strait but I have made sort of a milk punch with it. I just bought coconut milk as an experiment and I kind of hate it. I had the same reaction to it as you seem to have to almond milk.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
3/25/14 10:57 A

I don't like the taste of plain almond milk either, and don't see the point of buying sweetened versions. I like regular milk, so that's what I drink. I'm not sure if there is a nutritional advantage unless you are lactose intolerant.

I do use almond milk at times in smoothies and such. My philosphy is that I am not going to eat something I dislike unless it is medically necessary. I want to eat things that I really, really enjoy--healthy things most of the time, not so healthy once in a while.

RUNUXTOO Posts: 136
3/25/14 10:48 A

Try the 'other' kinds of Almond Milk. It is confusing to look at, but, you will find different calorie versions of the same brand. For instance, 30 calorie is unsweetened then there is a 60, 90 and 120 calorie. Adjust to your taste. It does make a difference.
Then there is the flavored varieties. Vanilla, Plain and Chocolate.
Then there is Blue Diamond, Silk and another company that I do not remember.
All these taste different to my wife and I.

3/25/14 10:42 A

My reaction to almond milk is somewhere between "meh" and "bleh." :) In its natural state it doesn't have near the protein or calcium of dairy milk, so I agree, if you don't love it, don't force yourself to have it.

I've had soy milk that I liked, but it also had vanilla added. Let's face it, adding vanilla to any bland- flavored beverage probably makes it tasty. Unless you're lactose-intolerant or vegan, I wouldn't force yourself to drink it.

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/25/14 10:35 A

I love Almond Milk -cows milk makes me go *bleh*.

I drink the vanilla almond milk - with vanilla tea. lol...sometimes the person whose shopping that weeks forgets and buys me the regular by accident - so I add in pure vanilla extract to the carton to make it vanilla.

Why are you drinking it? What benefits are you trying to get from it? Are you lactose intolerant?

I drink it purely for the taste - but if you do not like it....why drink it?

NSKYLINE115 SparkPoints: (50,453)
Fitness Minutes: (1,256)
Posts: 808
3/25/14 10:23 A

This past weekend I bought Silk Almond Milk, when I tasted it this weekend my face went *bleh*!
It didnt seem to have much taste, I know it wasnt gonna taste like cows milk, but it just tasted funky. This was my first time trying Almond Milk, so it will probably get some taking used to. Does anyone here like Almond Milk? And if so, any advice on what you can use it for or mix anything into it? (chocolate milk maybe)

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