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An aunt of mine in her 60s recently had two minor strokes. Honestly, I think a cousin of mine might have had one, but I can't prove it. She neglected her health for many years. In December, she passed away from what the autopsy said was cardiovascular disease.

Some symptoms of heart disease in women can be very subtle. The BIG one is fatigue. Most women ignore fatigue. My cousin constantly suffered from fatigue. She always thought it was because she didn't get enough sleep. Which was true. She didn't get enough sleep and that just made things worse. The fatigue can come from lack of proper oxygen flow to the heart.

If you're worried about your health or the health of a loved one, go to a doctor for a full physical. Don't go by things you've read on the internet. Have your doctor (or their doctor) do a full set of tests on their heart. Do it for some piece of mind. Because if you are someone you care about is at risk for heart disease, heart disease CAN be reversed.

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I haven't but I do know people who have. This is definitely not uncommon, particularly for women. Below is a link to the Mayo Clinic that you may find helpful:


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Have any of you ldies in your 50's suffered a silent heart attack.

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