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Wow, what a variety. Thank you for your input!

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2/1/12 2:31 P

I like to mix veggies, herbs and spices into starchier dishes; it bulks them up and adds a lot of taste and nutrition, and it makes them really easy to pack into lunches. The possibilities are only as limited as the ingredients you're using.

In the past few weeks I've made garlic roasted broccoli and onions with herb quinoa; tomato and onion salad with chickpeas in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing; yams, chickpeas, carrots and onion in a Moroccan-inspired spice blend; a casserole of herbed zucchini and brown rice topped with a little cheddar; vinegared raw purple cabbage, carrot, onion and celery mixed with whole wheat orzo; baked sweet potatoes with lime and peppers; shredded brussels sprouts with pine nuts and whole wheat penne topped with a little shaved parmesan; southwestern quinoa with black beans and corn; and a cold salad of olive, tomato and onion with feta and brown rice. For the next few weeks, I'm looking into more recipes that include barley and lentils along with more veggies.

I'd recommend finding veg-based and starch-based side dishes on recipe sites like SparkRecipes and AllRecipes. When you find some that you like, you can combine them in different ways.

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2/1/12 2:14 P

Looking for some low cal side dishes for dinners. Need to get away from the ol' cans of beans, peas, and corn!

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