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ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,725
12/8/12 8:42 P

Your doctor should refer you to a good dietitian, face to face meetings are better, and they can help figure a plan for you that suits YOU, the exercise can fit in as you like it. Hopefully your doctor is on the ball.

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12/8/12 8:27 P

just take it one day at a time and one step at a time. everything you do to eat healthy and do a little of exercise all all adds up.
You can do this. We all support you and have all had our struggles.

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12/8/12 7:48 P

I lost a lot of weight but not because of exercise - I don't do anywhere near as much as is normally recommended because of skeletal issues - and fatigue.

I did this basically with nutrition. I weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker. This is an amazing little tool because it gives us sooo much power. It gives us the power to tweak our intake as and when needed to ensure that we get a healthy balance of fats/carbs/protein - it gives us the power to tweak to ensure that we stay within our range MOST of the time - and it gives us the power to get to our weight goal!

Because of your health issues it is vitally important that you eat well - poor nutrition choices does NOT give us the energy and often causes us to be more hungry, therefore eating more - usually garbage.

As far as exercise is concerned, I just got a 22 minute walk in by putting some of my groceries and my laundry away one at a time! This is actually the BULK of my exercise - It is great because if pain or fatigue set in I can sit and do the rest later. t is great because I don't suffer the jolting/jarring that I would get from walking outside, or suffer the environmental issues that cause me to have an asthma attack. I don't have to suffer the sun - I can't take it :-( It is also great because it not only doesn't SEEM like exercise, it also doesn't seem like work, so for me that is a win/win situation.

You can do this but you must have faith in yourself! The rest will follow!


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DLDROST Posts: 8,082
12/8/12 7:39 P


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/8/12 7:08 P

I so do agree that getting your eating right is the place to start. I would get all the junk food out of the house. If it is not there you can't eat it. Check with your doctor about an eating plan according to your health issues. I am hypoglycemic and I have to eat according to that. Good luck you can do this..........(((HUGS)))

BARDT01 Posts: 117
12/8/12 1:44 P

On our PBS channel their is a program call Sit and Be Fit. I know they have videos if you can not find it on TV. It is a low impact excercise plan done while sitting in a chair. It was designed for people with health issues that make it hard for them to do traditional forms of exercise. It might be wirth looking into. Hope this helps.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,575
12/8/12 1:20 P

You've gotten some great advice already. I agree that weight loss depends much more on diet than exercise, so even if you can't exercise you can still lose weight. Your doctor would be the best one to give you advice on what kind of exercise is safe to try.

Coach Jen

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
12/8/12 12:08 P

The great thing about weight loss is that it's 80% diet, 20% fitness. So that means even if you are completely immobile, you can still lose weight.

When you first start on SP they tell you to just do 10 fitness minutes a day. That can be chair exercises, walking down the street and back, whatever. Now those 10 minutes a day are not going to be what makes you lose weight. The calorie burn from 10 minutes of low intensity exercise isn't going to compensate for overeating, or much of anything really! The 10 minutes are meant to get you in the habit of doing something active, and that is how you learn to make exercise a part of your life. A lot of times, you're not gonna want to do it, but you tell yourself, "Just do 10 minutes and you can be done." I bet 90% of the time, you'll say to yourself, "Hmm... I could probably do 5 more minutes." That's kind of the trick with that. Eventually you'll be able to do more or exercise longer, and you'll feel weird if you DON'T exercise. The point really is to start small and build habits that are going to last a lifetime.

Good luck!

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ASHLEYGILLE SparkPoints: (12,745)
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12/8/12 11:35 A

Start with really small, attainable goals. Begin with 5 or 10 minutes of exercise and increase as you are able. Something is better than nothing, right? Also, a lot of times, once we get started, we even surpass our goal for the day (ex. 15 minutes instead of 10). I would also consult with my doctor.

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12/8/12 10:38 A

I am sick with a dehabilitating disease and I am overweight. I need to get this weight off but my energy level is so low some days that I cant get out of bed. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to overcome this obstacle so I can make exercise a part of my life.

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