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Shred Workout question

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6/24/13 3:15 P

I took breaks when I did it. Sometimes during the workout,at least in the beginning. and during the week (ie, it took me way longer than 30 days to do it 30 times, and I stayed at each level longer than 10 days)

Listen to your body and do what feels right. Push yourself, but don't kill yourself. :D

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6/24/13 11:26 A

Be advised of two things, firstly the people in the video are already very fit and secondly the video was shot in segments and edited, it was not shot non stop from start to finish. One of the faults with videos is that people assume that it was shot as a complete workout when in fact no video for sale as a workout video is produced that way. Trust me the actors in the videos took lots of breaks during the filming, check how few of them are sweating and note changes which occur from scene to scene. If they take breaks then you can also take breaks, the training effect occurs during the recovery not during the work.

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6/22/13 8:49 A

That's always ok. Listen to your body! But like PP have said, definitely keep moving so you don't go from a high intensity to just NOTHING. You want to stay warm and keep your heart rate up until you feel ok to continue.

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6/22/13 4:03 A

Yup! Don't just stop moving and sit/stand there, though. Walk around the room (or on the spot) until your heart rate has recovered to a "warm-up" level.

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6/21/13 8:57 P

Of course it is. Any plan that's too difficult for you to complete should be broken down. It takes time to build fitness, and going through until you hurt yourself isn't productive at all.

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6/21/13 7:48 P

I'm wondering if its ok to take breaks during the video of Shred Workout of Jillian Michaels
Cause i really feel if I didn't take one i'll have a heart attack lol
Any advice ?

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