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12/31/14 1:11 A

regular shred or Super Shred? I just did day one of regular and it's more like 1500.

12/31/14 1:08 A

follow what he says in the guidelines and stop eating if you feel full. You don't have to drink anything other than water, green tea and hibiscus tea. The other beverages are optional.

ANNETTEMARIE63 Posts: 2,457
10/18/14 1:20 A

I found the super shred book at target and took time to plan. Today when I wake up will be my first day of my first week. It does seem like an awful lot of food and I really do not drink anything except water or unsweetened white iced tea so I do not really know about drinking all of this other stuff. I am going to do a blog entry everyday to follow my journey on this change. it is very similar to what I did about 6 months ago but not exact On average at that time I was losing 10 lbs a month. watch for my blog entries if you want to follow me on this journey with Super Shred. I do not like to call it a diet because to me I am completing a lifestyle change not something that I will only do to lose weight.

RTBYRD55 Posts: 124
10/1/14 9:23 P

I am a little confused... So in chapter 3, he says to drink cup of water before the meal and another during the meal. Is this in addition to your beverage of choice for the meal?? Seems like so much liquid??

TRIZANG Posts: 26
8/6/14 9:50 A

How is everyone doing in shred?

TRIZANG Posts: 26
8/4/14 9:56 P

I just completed day 1, which was very easy. I added up all the calories and only ended up eating 880 calories.

KIMMY46342 SparkPoints: (3)
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8/3/14 10:26 P

Hi - I'm starting the shred diet tomorrow and I saw this message board - this seems like an awful lot of food and calories for 1 day but after reading everyone elses posts I am going to see if this works for me too. Does anyone have any tips to help a newbie?

IAMHOPEY SparkPoints: (833)
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8/3/14 12:44 P

Good luck to you. I am down four pounds today and my daughter lost five. I do have to say it really wasn't terribly hard to follow. I think the second week will be challenging though. I am going to hang in there though.

TRIZANG Posts: 26
8/3/14 8:57 A

Just keep telling yourself 4 weeks and your done! I have been trying to lose my last 20lbs for years now. So I figure if I can just do this for 4 weeks then I will be done. Keep it up and keep me in the loop! Grocery shopping for week 1 today! 😄

IAMHOPEY SparkPoints: (833)
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8/2/14 12:18 P

My weigh in is tomorrow, a day early than it should be. I have a medical appt. on Monday and have to fast all day tomorrow so it will not be a true week. It seems like a lot of food but the diet does say eat what you can for each meal and do not force it. My biggest problem is my schedule. My meal time does not start in the morning until 11:00 as I go to the gym three days a week. I cannot eat before I go so that just throws my time off of schedule. There is a reason that he spaces the meals as he does but I just cannot follow his time frame. I really think it is just to teach us how to eat. I can say I have not been hungry on this plan. I am going to give it my all to try to stay focused. I am just so tired of doing this over and over again. I vow that this will be the last time.

TRIZANG Posts: 26
8/1/14 11:42 P

Let me know how your weigh in goes. It's seems like a lot more food than what I'm use to.

IAMHOPEY SparkPoints: (833)
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8/1/14 6:46 P

Hello, I am doing the Ian Smith Super Shred, I started on Monday. It really has not been too hard so far.

TRIZANG Posts: 26
8/1/14 6:34 P

Are you doing shred diet? I'm going to start monday

IAMHOPEY SparkPoints: (833)
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7/28/14 8:47 P

I am new as of today and am not real sure if this topic is still live or not. I am really just learning how to navigate through this but I just started the shred today. I will post my results next Monday.

EMSR2D2 Posts: 1,394
5/19/14 3:42 A

Not sure if this is the same thing but this appears to be all four weeks of something called "Super Shred":

It might help, though.

Personally, I think it looks dreadful! Far too restrictive and I can't see how you'd be able to think about anything but food for 4 weeks! It's also (much like Atkins) definitely not aimed at vegetarians as it doesn't seem to give a single protein source that's not meat.

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5/18/14 10:52 P

I am using the natural lemonade in the fresh cooler from Trader Joes, hey also have a low calorie bottle I want to try soon!

ROSIESABADELL SparkPoints: (203)
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3/21/14 5:06 A

Hi - how is it going? I am on the six week shred in week 2. I am wondering if the smoothies and soups will get boring a few weeks in? I do try to vary - and I love a smoothie...but...

Exercise wise, I have discovered that stretching is soooo important! I pulled a back thigh muscle yesterday while out for a fast walk. Now what - rest or stretch, I guess pool is the best option but no can do today. Long day at work.

Happier days a coming - Saturday and Sunday!

LRLANE619 Posts: 161
2/5/14 2:04 P

Hi JUSTTHEMOM50. That is a good question. Dr. Ian prefers us to have freshly squeezed and some shredders are buying products like Simply Lemonade. I do Crystal Light. The key is to find one that is not loaded with sugar and for flavored water he recommends to keep them under 60 calories. Hope this helps.

JUSTTHEMOM50 SparkPoints: (13)
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1/28/14 9:40 A

Hello all - I plan on starting the super shred on Monday - I read the book, but I don't understand the lemonade drinking. Should I just buy regular bottled lemonade or frozen or are we just supposed to drink lemonade without sugar or sweetener? All help is appreciated because I'm stumped!!!

SLIDEFAN216 SparkPoints: (3)
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10/22/13 11:02 A

How is everyone doing on Dr. Smith's Shred diet. I just purchased the book. I plan to get started this week I hope.

RONDAMOMMIE SparkPoints: (3)
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4/5/13 2:24 P

Thank you for the starter pages!

MEMOM22 Posts: 5
3/4/13 1:32 A

Thank you for the link! I have 3 days of sample plans for each of the first 3 weeks, but this gives me a full week to try now.

3/3/13 11:31 A

Get the kindle app for your PC and then you can see it on a bigger screen.
I agree - after buying one cookbook - it is a total pain to have a cookbook on an e-reader.
The Evernote food app, however, is awesome.

3/2/13 10:29 P

This is an excerpt that includes the first week's meal plan to get you started until you can figure out a way to be able to view it easier

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,195
3/2/13 5:49 P

I did a quick google search and also checked (which briefly summarizes diets and gives lists of foods etc, do's and don'ts, and also pros and cons) and got nothing. (Except of course links to buy the book.)


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JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
3/2/13 5:37 P

I am having the same problem. I have learned the e-reader is best saved for fiction, not non fiction, like recipe and diet books!


CRISCIM SparkPoints: (20,761)
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2/23/13 8:12 P

Can you bring some of the pages up on your computer and print them out that way? Can't you use an e-book reader like Moon+ to do that? Just an idea.

JANAMP09 Posts: 357
2/2/13 12:29 P

Does your local library have a copy? That way you are not buying the book again - you can read it in hard copy and get the info you need and have your electronic copy for reference later

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (147,383)
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2/1/13 11:05 P

I got mine at walmart otherwise try amazon

RBETLINSKI SparkPoints: (11,352)
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1/31/13 1:52 P

I've done both and haven't had any success, but thanks for the ideas! emoticon

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/31/13 1:38 P

have you checked on line? Maybe they offer a membership or something for people who bought the book and have a separate section for the menu plans.

did you also think of going to the library? maybe they have a copy and you can write down the meal plans.

RBETLINSKI SparkPoints: (11,352)
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1/31/13 1:10 P

Hi All!

I recently purchased Ian Smith's Shred Diet book for my kindle. I'm trying to get everything together so that I can start monday, but have found it incredibly obnoxious to go through the menu on an ereader. Does anyone have or know of a place to get a hard copy of the meal plan sort of buying a second hard copy of the book?


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