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4/8/13 9:55 P

Thanks soo much for your advice. After doing a little research and going through my database of foods, it hit me as to how the Meal Plan Works. It is so helpful!

The Spark Community definitely rocks!!! When I post a question I always get good help!! Thanks Again!!

4/8/13 10:34 A

Thanks for the information.

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4/8/13 10:13 A

I've had a similar issue with the meal plans. Like the other commenter said, there's a lot of variety in brands and the plans are guides. I use them to get a sense of balance and to get me out of food ruts. Usually, I see what the plan tells me, but I track the food individually so I know what I really am eating.

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4/8/13 1:01 A

Brands will change across regions and nations. They couldn't possibly include a particular brand, partly for the reason you mentioned, but also because most of their users won't have it.

The figures given are intended to be a guideline, not absolute.

Eg what were the values on the flour tortillas you found? Did they vary much? You can either look for the closest to 153, or else if you had something like 100, 110, and 340, just go with either of the first two, and check it off.

It won't matter whether you have the exact same item listed in the tracker as the meal plan suggested, only that you had "a flour tortilla". The numbers will average out over time (some items will be lower than the one on the plan, some higher - over time it'll all work itself out).

Remember you don't have to be *exact*. You're working with averages and estimations anyway.

SHAYLA3 Posts: 207
4/7/13 4:14 P

Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to use the Show Meal Plans in the Nutrition Tool to help control my Blood Pressure and calorie intake as well as fats. I think this is a great tool because it helps in planning a reduced sodium meal. However, I have noticed that the foods listed to choose from are very generic and when I match up the foods in my Favorite or Search Nutrition Datatbase with the food listed in the Show Meal Plans database some of the information is not even close. For example take WALNUTS (14 halves / 1/4 cup the nutritional value in the Show Meal Plan is: Calories 139; Fat 14; Carbs 3; Protein 3; Sodium 0; Fiber 1; Potassium 94; Chol 0. The pack of WALNUTS that purchased for the same amount are as follows: Calories 199; Fat 20; Carbs 4; Protein 5; Sodium 0; Fiber 2; Potassium 130; Chol 0. I know that the numbers may vary some but there's a big diffence in the fat and calories values.
Is anyone else having this problem and how are you solving it. Also to the Spark Leaders, is there anyway the database could be a little more informative as to what brand is this. I know you don't want to do free adverstising for example I went to the grocery story today looking for the Flour Tortillas with sodium value of 153 that is on the Show Meal Plan list. I looked at over 5 or 6 Flour Tortillas trying to find a brand that was close to the nutritional values. The closes I could come for the sodium was 235 mg. PLEASE HELP. Thanks in Advance.

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