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LOOSEINGIT Posts: 4,078
1/21/10 11:57 P

I think your right..may need to take it easy or do something lite for a few days

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
1/21/10 11:40 P

It is true that you get over the extreme soreness that comes from just starting an exercise program or drastically changing or upping what you are doing.

A little soreness is common any time you are exercising at a good intensity, but the the really bad stuff gets better, usually, for me, after a week or so.

If I am so sore that I can barely climb into the truck or get out of the chair I will do a light workout with lots of warm-up, slower, easier moves and lots and lots of stretching.

My hot tub really helps my sore muscles too!

1/21/10 3:17 P

I am actually finding that, now that I've worked out a few times, I'm LESS sore for LESS time- which is amazing to me. I always stopped working out after being sore and stopped my routine, and never believed that it would get better. But I guess it really does!

ANDIEGOR1 Posts: 131
1/21/10 2:21 P

I have discovered that now that I am eating more protein, I am less sore on a regular basis. If I am really sore I do a light workout, I think it helps be less sore.

1/21/10 2:05 P

I do but if I workout really hard one day and the next day I'm sore then I'll give myself an "off" day and just walk or lightly jog on my treadmill at an incline. I'm still doing cardio and working my legs but I'm not doing any damage to sore muscles.

I'm still sore today from Tuesdays workout but not as bad so I'm going for my personal training session and working hard again. The harder you work your muscles when slightly sore and fatigued the more toned you'll get.

SASSIECAS Posts: 271
1/21/10 1:55 P

Yes, I do. At least I do if it is muscle soreness. If it is any other kind of soreness or pain I wait a day and rest.

KAISIAH SparkPoints: (21,367)
Fitness Minutes: (12,772)
Posts: 67
1/21/10 1:40 P

Keep working out if you are sore, but not in pain.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
Fitness Minutes: (21,680)
Posts: 1,441
1/21/10 1:06 P

I actually find that working out HELPS with the soreness! If I'm especially sore I take it easy and make sure to get in a good long warmup, but moving around and getting the lactic acid out really, really helps me when I feel sore.

ABOWIE1683 Posts: 91
1/21/10 1:05 P

I've always heard yes! However, currently i'm so sore i can't straighten my arms. I'm giving my arms a break today and possibly tomorrow since I may have over done it. Listen to your body. Try some exercises if they are hurting or preventing you from doing proper form stop. If once you get going you barely notice it then keep going. :)

NGANYWA2009 Posts: 242
1/21/10 12:59 P

Pain and soreness are 2 different things. Am sore every single day that i work upper and lower body(especially lifting, lunges and squates) Our bodies work different muscle grps and so we tend to get sore all the time we do different exercises. I never take a break when am sore, we just need to differentiate between pain and soreness. Sometimes taking it easy on the intensity helps to cure the soreness

BANUELOS2148 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,182)
Posts: 662
1/21/10 12:46 P

great topic lots of good info. tend to forget the protein and carb snack after exercising.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
1/21/10 12:07 P

If I only exercised when I wasn't sore, I'd probably only get in one or two workouts a week, if that. Any time you start something new, up your time or reps or weight, vary your routine or try something new, muscles are probably going to be sore.

I get bored easily and so I vary my workouts almost daily; step workout one day, treadmill the next, dance aerobics the next, step again, etc. Plus I vary my strength moves each time too. I'm usually sore some place.

Note: Sore, not in pain.

MSKELLELL1978 Posts: 60
1/21/10 10:07 A

I do. I make sure that I'm hydrated thoughout the day, not only while I'm working out, I stretch every muscle that I can before and after my workout and in between machines at the gym. I still get sore but I workout anyway.

CHILADY0923 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (43,362)
Posts: 257
1/21/10 10:05 A

When I first started working out, my whole body was one big ache. After much reading, I realized just what has been mentioned, in the beginning you will feel it more than usual but don't let that stop you unless you are in pain. You will definitely know the difference. I found that I generally get sore the day after a hard workout but as long as I push through it, within 5-10 minutes of the next workout, the soreness is less noticeable as the muscles warm up. Don't give up. It does get better.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,810
1/21/10 10:02 A

I live to be sore!! JK... I try to take it easy the days that I am super sore.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
1/21/10 9:57 A


Soreness is caused from microtears in the muscles. As these tears begin to heal, they cause the muscles to hypertrophy or grow bigger. Doing an active recovery workout (easier workout) is OK as long as you are just sore and not in pain. You may want to try eating a little protein and carb snack after your workout to help with your recovery time.


RUDBEKIA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,526
1/21/10 8:13 A

This thread is just what I needed this morning. I am still sore from Tuesday's workout. I did work much harder than usual, but still I workout 3 times a week no excuses, and I am having a hard time understanding why I am still so sore this time even 2 days after my last workout. And I have to workout again today, not sure what to do here. I read the article suggested below, I am getting from it that I should still workout today, maybe more lightly, and also that I should rest. Please help me, I am not sure what to do!!! emoticon

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (183,624)
Fitness Minutes: (178,510)
Posts: 15,625
1/21/10 7:57 A

I've been sore somewhere in my body every single day for the last 9 years. If I waited until I was not sore to exercise, I'd never exercise.

GALAXYSTAR1 Posts: 1,326
1/21/10 7:52 A

My trainer told me you will get sore on the beginning and then go slower the day after or the days after, and then if its really bad take a day off and come back to it the next day.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
1/20/10 9:54 P


Check out the following link from the SparkPeople's should help answer your question.


Edited by: SP_COACH_NANCY at: 1/20/2010 (21:54)
1/20/10 9:14 P

Today I walked to work (1.75 miles) instead of driving, and I felt pretty good but my thighs were a tiny sore afterward. I did my usual Glutes, Abs, and Legs class at my gym, and I took my time and worked at my own pace and rested when I needed to, but I was wondering- should I still work out if I'm sore?

I also sometimes stay sore for a day or so after working out my arms (a big problem for me), so even with a day of rest, I'm sore. Should I take it easier?

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