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RAYLIENET SparkPoints: (7,036)
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Posts: 140
12/6/12 11:00 A

No, of course not. Eat for what your body wants. But you can make your portions smaller so you will more likely eat everything on your plate, but still be healthy abou it.

ROMEOSMOM27 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,428)
Posts: 376
12/6/12 10:47 A

No, if your satisfied save the rest for later. emoticon

YOGAWITCH SparkPoints: (10,380)
Fitness Minutes: (4,275)
Posts: 485
12/6/12 9:08 A

Only if you are diligently counting calories and your full plate is part of the plan

IMREITE SparkPoints: (406,309)
Fitness Minutes: (294,127)
Posts: 20,578
12/6/12 12:47 A

no. although i habitually think i need too. i started taking smaller portions and waiting to get seconds (or not getting any at all)

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,159
12/6/12 12:39 A

i do eat everything on my plate, but first i make sure that that is what i need to eat for that meal. no seconds, no overeating, just the serving for that meal.

DAKOTA50 Posts: 909
12/5/12 8:30 P

I don't think so. I'm measuring and weighing all my food and planning my meals with spark nutrition, so I know exactly where I am. I love doing this! emoticon This noon I'd given myself a cheese stick along with some chicken, cauliflower, yogurt and a banana, and I realized after eating most of the other food I didn't need it or even want it. I deleted it from my nutrition tracker and that left those calories for something else to enjoy. emoticon

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
Fitness Minutes: (210,762)
Posts: 4,388
12/5/12 8:28 P

You don't have to eat large portions in one day, but if you had to PAY for the food, don't waste a single morsel! If you're served too much, make it into another meal. Never a problem if you put only a small portion on your plate. I'm always grateful that I have food at all - I never waste a drop.

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
Fitness Minutes: (5,754)
Posts: 728
12/5/12 6:58 P

I had to taste everything and had to clean my plate. DH was diabetic and I was a bit over wt, so I never made anything my husband wouldn't/couldn't eat i.e. mayo salads, casserols and my children grew up with a limited culinary taste. At family parties I was always in trouble for not making my kids taste everything and clean their plates even if they didn't like it. My kids had to eat (clean up) meat and green veggies not potatoes, rice, noodles or corn. Dessert was rare. As they grew up their taste palette expanded. Oldest daughter remains pickiest eater. I introduce her children to various ethnic restaurants and tastes. Why make people eat what they don't really like. It just adds to calories and waistline.

12/5/12 6:31 P

This is something I probably need to conquer. For if its there, I will eat it.

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (90,202)
Fitness Minutes: (52,630)
Posts: 7,295
12/5/12 5:51 P

As long as I put it there, it will be eaten emoticon

CAMERAGIRL2005 Posts: 27
12/5/12 3:08 P

Everyone knows this depends on what's on that plate... emoticon

CATMAGNET SparkPoints: (40,431)
Fitness Minutes: (52,553)
Posts: 1,183
12/5/12 2:00 P

Only if it's the proper portion and you're still hungry for it. If not, leave it on your plate.

HOLLYM48 Posts: 18,106
12/5/12 1:30 P

if you measure everything and you are hungry for it. I have learned that for my kids, once they say they are full, I do not make them take the last 5 bites or whatever is left on the plate. Bad habits learned long ago when I was a kid that you finished what was on your plate!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (208,117)
Fitness Minutes: (118,265)
Posts: 9,323
12/5/12 12:54 P

If you have put the correct (SP recommended) amount on your plate, then you should eat it all.

I.M.MAGIC Posts: 13,151
12/5/12 11:59 A

Truth. If you're full, STOP. Doesn't matter if there's food left, you don't want to be WEARING IT INSIDE, y'know?...

Kathy emoticon

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
12/4/12 10:48 P

If you are feeling full I would say stop eating even if there is food on your plate.

Get a doggie bag or put the remainder of the food away for another time if you are concerned about wasting food.

If it happens often that you get full with food still on your plate then I would say your portions are too large to begin with and you need to start with less food on your plate. Maybe spread your food out throughout the day more into smaller meals/snacks so you are still getting the right number of calories and other stuff.

SKYE60 SparkPoints: (1,377)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 129
12/4/12 10:15 P

I also was taught it was a "sin" to waste food by leaving some on my plate. I used to eat everything, but isn't glutteny also a "sin"! So I either use a smaller plate or a regular size plate with a border and place food only in the center of the plate not touching the borders . And its OK not to eat everything on your plate.

STEVIEBEE569 Posts: 10,557
12/4/12 9:37 P

As a child, I was told to clear the plate! Now, if I'm full, I may not necessarily clear my plate. This is why I use smaller plates!

12/4/12 9:29 P

I was never told as a child that I had to eat everything on my plate and I was drastically underweight. However, somewhere in my adulthood (I think from my dearly departed MIL) I got the idea I had clean my plate and she believed in hefty portions. I am struggling now in later life to break that habit. I am now using a small plate, measuring my portions then put them on my plate and take the completed plate to the table instead of putting bowls of food on the table for self service. My DH needs this retraining too.

EMMAEKAY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,942)
Posts: 305
12/4/12 8:31 P

I think the "leave some on your plate" philosophy is really more for people who are eyeballing or not even trying to measure portions. Those people need to leave some on their plate, and eat slowly to give the body time to "fill up."

That being said, I eat everything I put on my plate, period. When I'm at home, my portions are measured out precisely and the calorie count is already in my tracker. If I go out, it's because it's a special event and I've either a) planned for it and put it on my tracker, b) planned for it an exercised an extra hour over the week, or c) am enjoying a splurge and therefore not worrying about it.

If you get full, stop eating. If you're genuinely hungry, eat. Measure all your portions and track all your food. You'll find your own way eventually.

HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
12/4/12 11:35 A

Yes. I grew up poor, hungry and cold and find it difficult to waste food. If I cannot finish it, I box it up. Pretty simple.

6BALLMAN SparkPoints: (101,027)
Fitness Minutes: (38,129)
Posts: 10,144
12/4/12 11:12 A

If you mean should we clean our plate....I think being instilled with that as a child is what has made me the fattie I am today. If, OTOH, you mean should we try a little of each thing on the plate that is another matter and I am in favor of that.

PAMULDROW2007 Posts: 702
12/4/12 10:49 A

I usually put it up if I am full and come back to it later or take it to lunch. If I am at a resturant pack up the left overs and take it home

CORALINE01 Posts: 575
12/4/12 9:20 A

this applies especially when eating out:
eat the stuff that wont keep, like salads wilt and get funky. then your meat. i usually order a baked potato so i can take it home and i make it in the morning splitting it for hubby and i. if i am eating at home and am full, i set it aside and come back a little later. (same as i f you were still hungry where you wait a few minutes to see if it just hasn't registered). i measured the calories, they are in my budget, i can have them, i just don't need them all in the same 15 minutes.

C_DONE Posts: 233
12/4/12 8:55 A

Hate to waste food: put less on your plate. Go back for 2-3 bite second helping if not satisfied. Lifestyle change not diet mentality.

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,801
12/4/12 7:41 A

Sometimes. When I have filled it thoughtfully.

TAMMYELAINE1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,009)
Posts: 72
12/3/12 9:03 P

I try to stop when full. It's a challenge sometimes.

JEWELMOTI SparkPoints: (13,411)
Fitness Minutes: (4,160)
Posts: 589
12/3/12 1:48 P

I have been very conscious of feeling full. If I know that I am full, I don't take that next bite. No matter what is on my plate. I have learned that I can finish what I need to finish at another time, and I never have that uncomfortable feeling. I am consistently loosing weight, getting all of my nutrients, eating more often, and never starving.

GETULLY SparkPoints: (130,755)
Fitness Minutes: (34,510)
Posts: 6,370
12/3/12 12:24 P

Always quit when you are full--being a member of the "clean plate club" has created many more problems than it solved. Quitting when you are full does not depend on what the size of the plate is as much as what your body is telling you.

ALICIALYNNE Posts: 2,214
12/3/12 12:13 P

The kids and I use salad plates. I can fill those suckers up so it looks like we are eating a bunch of food... but since I measure my stuff (don't worry about the kids; they're growing boys!), I know I can eat that yummy, full plate. I do make my boys eat all of their veggies. If they have enough of the other stuff, then they can put it away for another meal. If not, I go ahead and let them throw the last couple bites away.
If I do get full before it is done, I throw it in tupperware and take it for lunch the next day.
I am starting to use the My Plate advice; 1/4 plate grains, 1/4 plate protein, and 1/2 plate freggies. I under eat grains and over eat on proteins usually, so this is good practice for me.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (192,809)
Fitness Minutes: (251,775)
Posts: 2,243
12/3/12 12:01 P

I LOVE eating--so, yep, I always "clean my plate"....that being said, I try really hard not to overload that plate! And as long as 1/2 to 3/4 of my plate is fruits & veggies, I don't feel guilty eating it all. :)

12/3/12 8:04 A

I, too, use salad sized plates. If someone, including me, wants another helping, whether of broccoli, turkey or potatoes, it can be added.

Required plate cleaning, however, was a childhood nightmare, and while I am not about to blame today's weight problems on my parents, neither do I think "cleaning one's plate" should be required. It does reinforce a negative habit.

Still, if I'm in "overeating mode" going back for seconds and thirds is easy. The important thing for me is to try to listen to my body and my soul to find out what I'm hungry for. If it isn't food, I can't find it on the table or in the refrigerator.

HOPEFILL SparkPoints: (7,577)
Fitness Minutes: (2,222)
Posts: 29
12/3/12 6:57 A

I read about an interesting social experiment in which people were given stale, disgusting popcorn at a movie theater for free. Some people were given large tubs of popcorn. Others were given extra large tubs of popcorn.

Even though the popcorn tasted bad, the people given the bigger portion ate significantly more.

I thought about this when it came time to buy dishes. My everyday plates are 7". That means that when I have a 400-calorie meal, my plate is crowded and it looks, I dunno, just more complete and fulfilling than it would on a larger plate where empty space subtly implies that I'm missing something.

I think eating everything on your plate is a fine idea. But start by deciding how much you want to eat at that meal and putting that much food on your plate to begin with. If it's a temptation, put leftovers in the freezer for another day before you even start to eat.

IAM53559 SparkPoints: (2,457)
Fitness Minutes: (3,206)
Posts: 17
12/3/12 6:27 A

Like most people have said, it depends. If you have pre-measured and portioned out what you need, then eat away so long as you are hungry for it. But if you are eating and begin to feel full, regardless of what you have portioned, you should stop. We do need to re-train ourselves to listen to our bodies and make decisions based on our needs, not external forces like the plate size, caloric counts, whether we paid for it or not, etc. Would I go back and minus off the calories in my leftover bites... absolutely not. That seems too tedious. Our calorie/nutrition counting is there to keep us in check. It is not so hard-fast and absolute that we need to micro-manage. In fact, I think that's a big reason why so many people fail to keep on eating healthy - we micro-manage every little thing to the point of driving ourselves insane.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
12/3/12 5:44 A

Since I'm tracking and measuring everything, I know that I can eat everything on my plate if that's what I want to do. However, if I don't, I eat it as a snack later on the same day. That way I can replace a snack on my menu -- it's much easier to track that way. How on earth do you track "530 calories minus 3 bites that I left on the plate"? It's impossible. Unless you are eating a single ingredient and you weigh what's left (like weighing an apple, eating it, and then weighing the core).

I only eat until I'm starting to get full at restaurants. Everything there is so atrocious that if I eat until I am actually full, I know I've killed my calorie count for the day (week).

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
Fitness Minutes: (210,762)
Posts: 4,388
12/3/12 12:55 A

Absolutely! But you should only put small portions of healthy foods on your plate. If someone else fills your plate, section off the small portions you should eat, and pack the rest to go.I never, ever waste one bite of food I paid for. Never. But there is not an ounce of junk food in my house. Ever.

SONICB Posts: 4,375
12/2/12 11:58 P

If you are only allotting 1200-1300, I think you should east what's on your plate to ensure that you are fueling your body.

MOVEITMARY Posts: 1,158
12/2/12 10:23 P

That's what got me into this mess in the first place... emoticon

Now my goal is to eat the RIGHT amount, and if there is too much on the plate, SAVE IT FOR LATER.

In restaurants, if the portion is large, I get a box before I start eating and put half the food in it for another meal. Otherwise, once I start eating, that childhood conditioning takes over and I will eat everything on the plate.

BEBOP4ME SparkPoints: (18,097)
Fitness Minutes: (13,468)
Posts: 427
12/2/12 10:19 P

No! When you are full, you should stop. I was always told to finish my plate when I was a child - that I took it so I needed to eat it. Well, as a parent now myself, I know my children don't know how to always tell what amount will make them full. So if they are full, I may make them finish their milk or eat some of their fruit, but I never make them eat everything on their plate. As for myself, it is difficult for me to stop decades of habit, but I'm trying to stop when I am full also.

MRGIBBS2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,945)
Posts: 43
12/2/12 8:51 P

I was one of them that mom said eat everything on the plate and what my mom said you did! now that i am grown and know better i just use a smaller plate so i know how much is on it and i don't go over board emoticon

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/2/12 4:01 P

Should one eat everything on the plate? That depends on what is on the plate. At any restaurant, I rarely eat everything at one sitting. Instead, I take some along for the road or to have the next day.

At home, I attempt to have balanced meals, but still I eat small quantities throughout the day, even at mealtime.

ANYANP2 SparkPoints: (2,357)
Fitness Minutes: (762)
Posts: 44
12/2/12 2:43 P

If you have measured out everything and are sure of your nutrient count... then yes, eat it all.
If you have guestimated the amount, or someone else has dished for you and you have no idea... stop when you are full.

I suggest getting a plate smaller than a dinner but larger than a bread and butter plate and spreading out as many mini meals as you can. If you are getting full, your portions could be too large. You could try halving meals, saving half for later....rather than making extra mini meals.
Nutrients are important and by spreading your intake out over the day, not only would you feel fuller for longer, you will not be forcing yourself to finish your plate or leaving much needed nutrients behind.

Measure/weigh everything.... at least until you get the idea of portion sizes..... This is so very important.

This theory of leaving a little of each meal is not healthy. For one, if you are correctly counting your nutrients, you are missing out on a portion of this by leaving some behind on your plate.

MARIAJESTRADA SparkPoints: (42,223)
Fitness Minutes: (52,952)
Posts: 1,633
12/2/12 2:31 P

It depends. How big is the plate? What is on the plate? How hungry are you? I figure, if you're genuinely hungry, you should eat. The problem is people just keep eating and don't realize they are overfull until the last bite is gone. Normally, I say, leave a little left on the plate and listen to your stomach.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,118
12/2/12 12:28 P

Depends on who dishes the plate.

If I'm in control, I plan portions and eat everything (unless I discover I don't want/need it all...then I adjust portions next time--experimenting is what it's about).

If I'm not in charge of how much goes on the plate (at restaurants, as a guest where the hostess plates up, etc) I do not feel obliged to eat it all, or make excuses.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
12/2/12 12:19 P

I pretty much do what ELLGEEBEE does. When I cook at home, I eat everything on my plate because that's what I'm allotted to eat that day and I've already portioned it out for myself. At a restaurant or someone else's home, I eat until I'm full then I stop.

BUT, if you're feeling full, then there's no reason to keep eating just to "clean your plate". Unfortunately that's how a lot of us were raised, so it's hard to get out of that mentality.

I think the hint of "leave a little of each meal behind" is more applicable to when you're eating out at a restaurant or at someone else's house when you haven't portioned out the food to fit your calorie plan yourself.

ELLGEEBEE SparkPoints: (1,038)
Fitness Minutes: (365)
Posts: 128
12/2/12 11:18 A

I usually eat everything on my plate when I prepare meals myself. After all, I'm tracking and measuring all my food so I know exactly what I am eating. If I go out to eat or eat at a friend or family member's place, I don't eat everything because the portion sizes are typically much bigger.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
12/2/12 11:02 A

I think it depends on what a person's specific dietary goals are. When I am fixing my own food at home, I almost always eat my entire plate because I am generally measuring & tracking my food so I know how many calories are on my plate, and I put the number of calories I am supposed to eat for that meal on it, so I eat it.

If I'm out at a restaurant, I generally try to avoid finishing my food, in fact if possible I split the portion size in half at the beginning and either arrange to take it home, or just not eat it. That's because portion sizes as served in restaurants are simply too large for me to eat all at once.

I will say that I was brought up in the "clean plate club" and it has been very hard for me to learn correct portion sizes and become OK with not eating everything on my plate at all times.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (271,774)
Fitness Minutes: (135,146)
Posts: 13,256
12/2/12 10:49 A

personal choice

NIRERIN Posts: 14,235
12/2/12 10:33 A

it depends on how much you put on your plate. if you're measuring out how much you put on your plate, you can eat that amount and not feel like you just ate a thanksgiving meal,or you're feeling hungry five minutes after your meal if you don't finish, then it's fine to finish your plate. if you have a habit of always adding just a little bit more to your plate, you tend to feel overly stuffed after you finish, or you are having a problem getting your portions down into your ranges, then leaving some on your plate is a great idea.

NEEDHELPLOSING SparkPoints: (10,398)
Fitness Minutes: (5,866)
Posts: 157
12/2/12 10:27 A

I'm a little confused on this. Ive always heard if you a leave a little of each meal how many calories etc you save. However while tracking and eating 1200-1300 cals a day and doing pretty good with fat,protein and carbs. Should we eat the whole plate even if we feel full or leave quit at the first sign that we have had enough?

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