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6/17/13 5:38 P

First and foremost: Get to a doctor.

It may be nothing serious; I asked my doctor about a similar sound in my knee, and he assured me it was nothing to worry about, it's a common side effect of aging and has to do with reduced cartilage.

However, that was my doctor, after a thorough physical exam, and listening to the sound my knee made. Yours could be caused by something different. Stop the exercise, see a doc, and make sure everything's okay. Better safe than sorry!

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6/17/13 3:23 P

I would also wonder if you're having any kind of pain or discomfort with this move. Lots of people tend to have creaky or popping joints, but as long as it doesn't bother you it's probably okay. I agree that if you're unsure, your best bet is to talk to your doctor.

Coach Jen

ERICADURR Posts: 243
6/17/13 2:58 P

How high are you raising your arms? They shouldn't be raised more than a 90 degree angle with the floor (aka: straight out); otherwise, you may be injuring your shoulder while undertaking this exercise.

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6/17/13 2:35 P

I experience the same type of sensation in my knees. I asked my doctor about it and she said it's normal as long as it doesn't hurt. I personally wouldn't worry about it unless I was experiencing pain, but if you have a doc appt coming up it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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6/17/13 2:26 P

Yeah, stop doing those and get to a physiotherapist or doctor ASAP. Any sensation that isn't muscle soreness can be a recipe for trouble and should be looked at immediately.

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6/17/13 2:05 P

I have added lateral shoulder raises (using a stability ball against the wall in a squat position) to my workout routine this month and am worried that I am actually hurting myself. Whenever I perform this exercise my left shoulder seems to make a grinding noise as I lift my arm and sometimes as I lower it. My right should does not make this noise. I have tried not lifting as high and lowering the weight used but nothing has helped. It doesn't hurt and isn't uncomfortable just worrisome. Should I stop doing the exercise? Does the muscle need to be massaged out? Any advice / help is appreciated.

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