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6/9/13 2:32 P

I did a 5k a month or so again, and I was one of the "fat, unfit" people, comparatively speaking. I placed 25th out of 30 in my age group! I was there as part of a team, with my pastor... who happens to be a marathon runner. ;) He won his division, in fact.

In my experience, NO ONE makes fun of you! Quite the contrary. We were lucky enough to have a couple of former Biggest Loser contestants at our race, and even they were super supportive! It was a half course, which means we doubled back, so the leaders got to almost literally pace the ones in the back. Every one waved and smiled!

And the best part? The final runner was a 70+ year old man, running in memory of Boston, who could barely STAND when he got to the finish line... arm-in-arm with Ken Andrews of Biggest Loser.

Was anyone making fun of anyone? Hell no. We were all tearing up and crying. Every time I slow-jogged past one of the faster runners, there was no look of superiority, no judgment... just thumbs-up and support.

Go. Have fun. And don't worry about anyone making fun of you. Runners are, as a whole, a very supportive lot.

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6/9/13 11:23 A

Definitely go and walk it! I've never had anything resembling a negative thought about anyone else in a 5k. (And heck, a year ago, I *was* the overweight, slow person near the back of the pack!) Truthfully, the only people I notice at all are the people a bit ahead of me, and that's only because I use them to pace myself. I certainly don't judge them at all.

As a previous poster said, the first step is the hardest--get out there and do it, and you'll feel great for having accomplished it!

PAT4PROG Posts: 652
6/8/13 11:39 P

Sound like you're talking yourself out of it. The hardest step is the first. Take the first step and the next one will be a bit easier. You got this!!!

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6/8/13 4:58 P

Thanks for the support :)

I guess I'll show up and see what happens. Walking shouldn't be a problem, just actually running it.

PINKPANTHER444 Posts: 1,737
6/8/13 1:14 P

You paid money for this thing! So up and walk the race! Walking is better than sitting at home and doing nothing. Good luck! :)

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6/8/13 8:49 A

You're not doing this for anyone else but you. Who cares what other people think. You are not doing this for them and 99% of them are going to people you probably have never met before and probably won't see again, at least any time in the near future.

Every single one of us has gone through these fears at one point or another. Don't let them stop you from making a serious accomplishment.

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6/8/13 8:47 A

To go or not to go depends on the injury of which you wrote. If you are not in good condition, have not been walking, and have an injury, then you can set yourself back by walking a 5 K fun run/walk.

If however, you have been walking some, and the injury is not bothering you, then you can walk it, get incredibly sore, and have fun. Allow a few days to recover if you are in pretty bad physical condition.

In general, walking is safe exercise, but 5 K is a long walk for someone who has not been doing it consistently. Adding an injury can make that worse, and take longer to recover.

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6/8/13 8:42 A

I'm trying too hard not to puke during 5Ks to notice anyone else.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
6/8/13 4:50 A

Walk it. Perhaps with some very slow running intervals. (One of the biggest problems with C25K is that many people try to run at too fast a pace - keep it slow, just as long as you are running).

When I am feeling self-conscious about exercising, I keep repeating to myself "Yes, but at least I am doing something about it". I've never had to use it on anyone, but I feel better knowing I have a retort ready if anyone was ever rude enough to comment.

And I don't know that people doing 5K's are making fun of anyone - most aren't out there to beat other people, all they are out to do is beat their own personal best.


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6/8/13 2:31 A

I would walk it. Who cares about the people!!!

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6/8/13 1:04 A

I am having a hard time getting started exercising again after college and the end of the team sports that I participated in growing up. I gained a bunch of weight and have a super busy job - but the real reason I won't exercise is I'm embarrassed by how out of shape I am. I have never, ever had stamina running, even when I was in relatively good shape, but I signed myself and my out of shape husband up for a casual 5K run a few weeks ago anyway. We were going to do a couch to 5K plan and I thought signing up for the race would be motivation enough. We went running twice, then my husband got ill with a bad cough, so we stopped for him to get better, but never started again. Last week I overworked a muscle (from an old injury) and it hasn't recovered so now I really can't even run/walk the 5K without risking further injury. The race is tomorrow and neither one of us can run it. Not even close.

I'm considering not even showing up - I don't want to be the fat out of shape slow person I imagine all the fit people make fun of as they pass by. But, we paid a lot of money to register.

Should I show up and just walk the whole thing? Or should I stay home, cut my losses on the money spent, and not register for another race until I can already run that far?

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