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1/22/13 1:39 A

I'm so glad to read this thread - I am going through a phase of working out twice a day at the moment, even though I know that it isn't recommended.

I too have a physical job and lifestyle in general, and I still workout 7 days a week every morning.

However, in recent weeks I've thought "Oh, I'll just do a quick workout this afternoon too", and a quick workout has become a full hour in the afternoon, on top of my morning workouts and physical job.

It's really silly, because although I've done my workout this Tuesday morning, already I'm feeling anxious about getting another workout in this afternoon, and it's still only 6.40am here in the UK - how daft is that?!

For instance, yesterday I did an hour in the morning (Firm 500 Calorie Workout DVD), and then in the afternoon did a Jillian Micheals DVD - and although mentally I felt better, almost as if my head was telling me I'd done the right thing - physically I really didn't get alot out of it because my body was just so tired from 7 days a week workouts. If I'm totally honest I know I should not have even considered a second workout atall.

I shall keep remembering the responses of Nancy and Unident today while I'm doing my job and thinking "Must get home for a second workout" - and also keep reminding myself that I shall still be working out tomorrow morning anyway, so how about I forget that second workout today that isn't needed (and indeed may lead to injury) and save my energy in order to really have a good workout tomorrow morning.

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1/21/13 11:45 P

I agree. Just work out, once, on the days you're not working.

If you're able to do a lighter walk or recovery mid-range intensity exercise on work days, do. But don't push yourself through this workout programme if it's too much.

Don't think you "have to" work out every single day. You don't.

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1/21/13 8:40 P


I would not recommend that you work out twice a day on your non-work days as doing so will not give your body the adequate recovery it needs. Remember your body makes the adaptation to exercise when you are not working out, so you want to get in some good recovery time. Even if you did a short 10-20 minute workout or go for a walk on your work days will be of benefit to you and may prevent an injury or burnout issue trying to do too much in a little time frame.

Coach Nancy

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1/21/13 8:28 P

I work 12 hour shifts in a fast paced warehouse environment. I work from 6am-6pm. I did tapout xt and I managed to finish it with doing whatever scheduled days that fell on a work day after work. That drained me pretty fast though. I am now almost done with Asylum and I was wondering if it would be okay if I stopped working out on my work days and work out twice on every day I have off. I was thinking something like an am/pm sort of thing. Do you think this would be too much? I work a rotating 3/2 schedule. So most of the time I work two and get two off.

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