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3/25/14 6:55 A

While increased levels of exercise can require an increased intake to provide your body with enough nutrients, the point at which this is required will depend on personal circumstances.

If you enter your exercise levels into Spark, Spark will come up with an intake recommendation that reflects your needs and goals. It often helps to think about your exercise levels averaged across the overall week.


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3/24/14 11:51 P

I struggle with this same thing! I feel like my cal range is too high. Maybe this article can help both of us.

3/24/14 8:09 P

Just recently I've been trying to walk longer distances (I used to walk about 4 miles a day at a 24-30 minute mile and I've been aiming for 6-7 miles a day at the same speed). My daily calorie goal is 1300-1550 calories per day. I am around 200 pounds and 5'2" tall.

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