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1/16/13 6:53 P

I'm glad you went to the doctor. I hope you feel better quickly.

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1/16/13 4:55 P

I'm glad to hear you went to the doctor.

This is almost exactly what happened to me last spring as I was training for my first half marathon, right down to reading up on stress fractures and feeling a scary lump on my shin (inside left for me) where the pain was radiating. If I had had it checked out when it first showed up instead of stubbornly running on it for two more weeks, I would have saved myself a lot of grief.

In my case, I saw a sports physiotherapist who diagnosed a severe strain. I did follow-up sessions with her for about six weeks and took a full month off of running. The injury healed up nicely, and I haven't had any issues with it since.

For what it's worth, my injury was caused by an imbalance in strength between my left and right sides with my gluteus maximus and medius (Butt and hips, basically). Even though I'd been following a solid training program, over time that imbalance led to extra stress being placed on my left calf, which led to the injury. My PT gave me some good strength building programs for the muscles causing the issues, and it seems to have helped (it's been about a year and I've kept up the same level of running). Injuries like that usually start somewhere else, so if you don't solve the root problem, they can pop up again.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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1/16/13 3:34 P

UPDATE.. I went to the docs.. she thinks I have shin splints although I disagree. The more research I have done, feel like it's more of a small fracture. She told me the treatment is basically the same anyway. I opted not to get an X-ray but she told me not to go on the treadmill for a while and the elliptical is fine as long as I don't feel more pain during or after. She also said if I still feel pain in 2 weeks, I should call her. That is what I'm going to do then :) I'm okay with that!

1/16/13 8:39 A

I woud suggest going to your doctor. If you are experiencing a throbbing pain that isn't good. Your doctor should be able to suggest some ways to get rid of the pain. For right now I strongly suggest going back and forth between heat and ice. I hope you feel better soon.

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1/16/13 8:10 A


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1/15/13 9:36 P

Hi Belly,

Throbbing pain in one leg may warrant a visit to your doc. Just know that a new stress fx is not generally seen on a conventional x-ray until calcification of the bone begins, so unless he/she orders a DEX-A scan or MRI, you may only be able to get an evaluation. But I would recommend you get it checked out.

Coach Nancy

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1/15/13 9:34 P

If you think you should, you probably should...

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1/15/13 9:13 P

Lately I've been having horrible pain in my right inner part of my tibia while running or even walking at a fast pace. I read about shin splints and found that they should get better over time. Then I came across tibial stress fractures.. they get worse over time and feel better with rest. That is exactly what is happening with my right tibia! It really hurts to the point where even sitting here right now my leg is throbbing. (I did just run in circles around my house to get to 8,000 steps about 10 minutes ago). Wondering if I should go to the doctors. I probably should find out because I don't want to end up breaking my leg.

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