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2/24/13 4:01 P

The reason I want to get a scale is to find out where I currently am and to do a monthly weigh in. The scale we currently have only goes up to like 300 or so. I have also been looking into getting a fitbit for a while but didn't see any in wal-mart so I found out best buy also sells them. So I wanted to buy a new and better scale Friday as well as a Fitbit Zip. The Zip is a bit cheaper but also looks good to me.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
2/24/13 3:14 P

Congradulations on making healthy choices!

I am sorry to hear you have to deal with someone who (while she probably thinks she is supportive), really isn't. If the scale is important to you to measure your progress, then get the scale. However, I will echo what the other posters have mentioned- There are other ways to measure progress.

I look at the way my clothes fit. The scale might not move for weeks, but I CAN fit into my size 16 pants again, and that keeps me on track. I also use my strength and endurance. I used to get really hung up on the numbers on the scale and when they didn't move like I wanted them to, I would lose motivation. That never helped just made me feel worse. So, I use other indicators of being healthy and so far, it has really worked.

Best of luck!

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2/24/13 2:13 P


a scale is one way to measure a person's progress at losing weight, BUT there are other methods. When I decided I wanted to lose, I didn't use a scale. At least, I weighed myself once to get my starting weight. Then I used a pair of pants I didn't fit. When I first tried them on, I couldn't even get them over my hips. Well, each week during my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I tried on the pants to see how I was doing. As the weeks and months went by, the pants inched up my legs, past my hips and eventually I could get them buttoned ! I couldn't breathe... but I could at least button them. ;)

I still didn't weigh myself. I didn't weigh myself until I could wear the pants comfortable. I knew if I was losing inches, I was losing weight. It took about 5-6 months, but when I weighed myself, I'd lost 37 pounds.

You can also gauge success with fitness. Let's say you can only walk for a half mile right now before you get tired. With regular practice, in time, you may find yourself walking for 2-3 miles a day. increasing your cardiovascular endurance is a sign of success. Lowering your blood pressure is a BIG sign of success. Being able to walk up stairs without getting winded is a success too. There are many many more ways to be successful that don't involve a scale.

So, you might consider getting a pair of pants to use as your guide. I'd wait to get a scale because some people can become a little obsessive about it. If you really want to know what your weight is, go to your doctor. Have your doctor weigh you. In fact, if you haven't been to the doctor for a full physical, I'm going to encourage you to go. The road to a healthy lifestyle also includes regular trips to the doctor. You need to know some important numbers like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. If you're diabetic, that's going to effect what foods you eat.

Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor, they are there to help.

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2/24/13 1:49 P

I have a fitbit zip and it's the best thing I ever bought. It gives me a goal to aim for and an indication of how far I have gone. I have found it to be the best motivator ever. So, go ahead and get the scale and fitbit for you. Also, it's funny how the people who love us most (in my case my husband) are sometimes our worse supporters. I believe that the changes I have made are frightening to my husband. I haven't changed inside, just become more me when I would have hidden before and my husband doesn't always like that.

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2/24/13 1:00 P

You can't know where you're going and how to get there if you don't know where you are.

Sometimes, buying things like larger jeans that fit properly can encourage us to simply stay at the bigger weight. But a scale? That's the tool you use to LOSE weight, not just fitting in more comfy jeans!

Go ahead and buy the tools that will help motivate YOU to do what you need to do to lose weight. Try not to listen to mother as you lose - it doesn't sound as if she's going to be a wholly supportive and wonderful partner through this journey.

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2/24/13 12:40 P

I have been recently looking into buying a new scale and a pedometer. The scale I current have in my bathroom will not hold my current weight. So I found in a local store there is a scale for 30.00 was 50.00 it will hold up to 440 pounds. I said to my mother I wanted to buy a new scale she said there was nothing wrong with the scale in the bathroom I said it will not show how much I weigh because it will not hold my weight I need a stronger one and that I found thew one that will hold 440. She looked at me and said if you get one that will hold that much weight you will want to keep getting bigger and bigger.

I felt so low when she said that. I also priced a scale and fitbit zip from my local area. I can get a scale and a fitbit zip for under 100.00 which I think is pretty good for the price since I thought its something I need.

I have not been on a scale that can actually hold my weight in over a year I think it was in 2011 actually.

So I wanted to get a scale to see where I'm at so I know where I stand before I start. But my mother thinks its wrong of me to want to get a new scale good think she dose not know I want to buy a fitbit she would be pissed.

If I have the money for the stuff I need should I get the scale and fitbit or just not even try and deal with them all criticizing me.

I actually had a good plan for Friday buy a new scale and a fitbit zip and buy some used fitness clothing from goodwill at least 2 outfits and buy a new pair of walking shoes.

But I am always told what to do I am 24 and she thinks I still need to listen to her.

So what should I do would it be a good idea to buy a new scale and fitbit or not. Since I am new to this I was just wondering.

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