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yes to get back in shape

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4/29/13 10:55 P

This is likely too late to answer your specific question, but I have found that every time I start out a run with a headache, it's gone by the end of my run, so I wouldn't let that keep you from working out.

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4/29/13 2:16 P

That sounds more like proper illness, as opposed to allergies. It's hard to say how other people feel, but if it were me, the intense headache and body aches would keep me from giving 100%, so I would skip the gym and focus on feeling better, but try to go as soon as possible after feeling better to start getting those health benefits!

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I don't know about how heart rate affects headaches but my rule of thumb is if its above the neck working out do the best of my ability is ok. Otherwise, take a day off and recuperate.

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Where do you run? If you run outside, for example, you'll be threading right through your allergens, and that may make things worse.

The elevated heart rate likely isn't a problem. Unless you're going to avoid exercise throughout the allergy season, you should suck it up and get out there. ;) Have you taken something for your allergy symptoms?

Increased bloodflow to your brain should improve your headache, not make it worse.

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So, today over the weekend I started suffering from some allergies- sore throat, some sneezing, an intense headache, and body aches. I have been planning on starting up on my workout regimen again today after work. I know that exercising will help my immune system. But will the elevated heart rate make my headache worse? Im leaning towards skipping it today. What do you guys think?

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