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If you feel that you were experiencing symptoms of exercise induced asthma, YES, you should talk to your doctor before you continue to exercise.

You will not derail any of your efforts at weight loss if you need to take a couple of days off from your exercise routine. You have to take care of your body.

So, don't worry, but do talk to your doctor. If it is exercise induced asthma, your doctor will give you an inhaler. If it's not asthma, then you need to listen to their advice before starting to workout again.

5/5/11 11:28 A

YES you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

NO, you should not do any formal exercise. If your lungs are compromised - whether it's asthma or bronchitis - you should not exercise. If you can't breathe well, exercise is a bad idea.

Talk to your doc.

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Yesterday I pushed it too hard and made myself "sick." If there wasn't a scheduling conflict with my dad, I would have seen my doctor yesterday. Basically I show symptoms of exercise-induced asthma. While my chest is no longer burning and my airway feels 100% open, I am still coughing today, and it hurts my lungs when I cough. First, does this sound like something my doctor needs to hear about? And second, I'd feel like a total slacker if I didn't do my strength training today, but I don't want to make my cough worse than it already is...I'm just not sure that strength training WILL make it worse, so I'm torn. Any advice?

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