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It sounds like you've had problems with constipation before and that seems to be a concern now...? I find an easy solution to this to be to eat pears or yogurt or both....I actually used to have a little of this problem when I ate 3 meals a day, but then when I spread out my meals to include snack times, it actually made it idea why, but yes everybody is different. Some people don't like the snacking through the day idea and some people don't fit it in their schedule or don't feel like eating the right proportions to make this work. I think it's totally up to you and whatever you find works for your body.

I will say this though....if you are staying up late working on stuff, and your sleep schedule isn't very normal, that could definitely affect other aspects of your health and body. Sleeping right is just as important as eating right!!

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Everyone is different. Are you drinking your 8 glasses of water a day? Sometimes if you feel hungry, you're body is actually thirsty.

I eat 5 meals because I get hungry in between meals.

If you're staying within you're allotted cals and everything else, I don't see why it's a problem to have a snack 3x a day, depending on what it is. I would just recommend planning ur snacks in advance so you don't grab for something you shouldn't be eating.

Best of luck,

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Lately, I've been snacking A LOT because I'm in college and right now I'm having midterms and a lot of projects to finish up. I thought about working on projects during the day and I do that sometimes but it doesn't fit my schedule so it's more convenient to work on projects at night. In the meantime, I always need something to snack on if it's going to take long or if it's going to be a drag. I am not emotionally eating but eating snacks to helps me focus. Lately, I've been going over my calories and I eat well but I eat too much and then my snacking becomes too much. I don't know if this is going to work because I've tried 6 meals before and I ended up starving and not only that, I am afraid that I won't defecate enough because that is what happened before. I finally realized today that my mistake from eating 6 meals before was that I didn't spread enough of food throughout the day and it was also because of high stress. Now, I am more calm and I don't want to snack too much but I also want to feel full. Today, I tried eating 6 meals and it definitely took away any cravings I had for junk food. I tend to go for sweets more than salty snacks but it certainly helped me curb my hunger. I am still concerned about not defecating enough and I don't want to risk my health but I think eating 6 small meals might help me eat less by snacking less. What do you think? Should I go for it or no?

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