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If you're not getting enough, that could definitely be the culprit. Two weeks isn't necessarily a plateau, though; it's normal to have weeks you gain, weeks you lose, weeks you stay the same. If you go a month with no change, then you're talking plateau. :) Eating too little can sabotage your efforts by providing inadequate nutrition, which can slow your metabolism.

It sounds like your next step is to start tracking!

Good luck, and congrats on your progress thus far!

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Thanks everyone. I've been plateaued about 2 weeks. I am stuck inside because I have two small boys and I need to work out before they wake up. I have tried taking them outside to run but it is not productive with them. I do try to mix it up on the treadmill, I run most of the time at 8mph and play around with incline. I will try changing it up and see if that helps, as well as start watching my food better. I haven't calorie counted this whole time, I just made healthy choices all around and it has worked so far. If anything I'm probably not getting enough. And no, I haven't been measuring but maybe I should start today. But thanks again for the tips! emoticon

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Have you been running at the same speed? You mention treadmill running, so the odds are your workout is the same, either speed or length.

You don't have to give up running, but you do need to shake things up. Start adding intervals! Play with incline, speeds, really challenge yourself. Maybe even get OFF of the treadmill, and get outside. An outdoor workout is very different from a treadmill workout.

SP has a couple of articles about shaking up your treadmill workout:

Weight loss is, at its core, about the food you eat. Exercise makes it a lot easier, but before you freak out about not doing enough exercise, you need to shake things up in the kitchen, too. If you aren't losing, the odds are one of two things is at fault:

1) You're overestimating calories burned.
2) You're underestimating calories eaten.

The first can happen when you don't shake up your workout.

The second happens when you eyeball your food portions. Being careful about your choices is good, but it's still possible to overeat, even on healthy foods!

What's your calorie range, and how much are you eating each day? ARe you weighing and measuring?

SP has a great series on plateau busting that you'll find helpful, I think. Here's part 1:

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Maybe you gained some non-fat weight, like muscle or water. Are your clothes fitting looser? And how long has your recent plateau been?

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I found I lost weight better when I varied my cardio. I switch between, doing sprints, elliptical, walking on an incline and running. Each helps different areas as well so I've seen better results than when I just did one form of cardio all the time.

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In January I started running on my treadmill. I have lost 66 pounds. I seemed to plateau around 2 months ago so I started running one day then doing a Jillian Michaels video for the next. I recently have stopped losing. I am strict with my workouts - I never miss one, and I am very careful with what I eat. I've heard that your body can get used to an exercise over time and can no longer be effective. Is that true? I hate to give up running - its what finally worked for me after years of nothing working, however, its really disheartening to keep working out and then not seeing the scale move. I have lots of videos I could try instead, but was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if so, any advice?

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