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3/21/14 9:03 P

Thank you for the info. I'm finally getting on the right track. Congrats on your weight loss!

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3/21/14 8:34 P

As a very rough guide, most people burn about 6 calories per minute of moderate effort on a sustained basis, and about 10 calories per minute of more vigorous effort. A fit person pushing themselves might burn 12-13 cal/min.

However, for a shorter 15 minute workout where you can push harder than you could for a longer effort, the maximum numbers may be a bit higher.


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3/21/14 1:33 P

Thank You...My problem solved

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3/21/14 12:11 P

The calorie calculations on cardio equipment are usually not accurate, so I wouldn't sweat that.

In your fitness tracker you can search for cycling or stationary bike and the appropriate intensity. Enter the time of your workout and it will calculate the calories burned for you.

The other option is to invest in a heart rate monitor, but I would start with the SP fitness tracker.


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3/21/14 11:59 A

I have an older model of a dual action stationary bike. The calories info is broken. How can I tell how many calories I burn when I do 15 min. or so of high intensity or just casual use? I weigh 151. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you

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