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4/11/14 12:53 P

I look at it like this - do what you can in whatever amount of time you have. If you think you have to do one long period of exercise, will you be able to do that? If running a mile at three different times throughout the day is what works for you, then that is what you should do. But I firmly believe that high intensity interval training is the way to go - I go to a gym which is across from my work and I go before work usually Mon. - Fri. I do both cardio and strength and realized a while back that I wasn't making any progress - I wasn't firming anything up; in fact, I think I've gotten flabbier even though I'm not overweight. It made me realize that my body had gotten "used" to what I was doing in my workouts and, as one of the trainers told me, my body had gotten "lazy". Since that realization, I've been ramping things up - I'm taking an early morning exercise class on Mondays, a spinning class on Wed. and on Fri. I'm doing what's called Peak 8 where I warm-up on the elliptical for 5 minutes then I go all out as hard and as fast as I can for 30 sec., slow back down and recover for 90 sec. and then repeat the 30 sec./90 sec. routine until I've done 8 of the 30 sec. Peaks. On Tues. and Thurs. I do strength training. Hopefully between this and my Paleo eating, I will finally start burning this excess fat and build some muscle.

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4/11/14 6:55 A

While there are fitness benefits in keeping your heart rate elevated for longer, you will burn the same calories in 3 x 10 minute workouts as 1 x 30 minutes.

If breaking things up makes it easier to fit exercise into your day, then that is what you should do.


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4/10/14 10:32 P

If you are working on endurance, then doing exercise for longer times will be more helpful in reaching that goal. However, if you aren't working on endurance, it is ok for you to do the few shorter times as that will all add up and is still beneficial and will aid in weight loss.

Honestly though, the majority of weight loss comes from our nutrition. So in combination with your nutrition, doing cardio and strength, you will see results. If the several shorter periods of exercise works best with your schedule, by all means go for it.

Coach Denise

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4/10/14 7:56 P

Any exercise is a benefit. I lost most of my weight with just walking.

As you drop weight, you will find yourself increasing exercise without thought. You may do two 1.5 mile walks in morning, and at night, and then one day make it 2 X 2, or add some sport with a friend, or a long bike ride that you didn't think you could do. The walk may move up to an hour, and then you start running. This will happen naturally, if you listen to your body.

We don't feel like doing long bouts of strenuous exercise when we are obes, because we have Our brain say to us.. we are going to injure ourselves!

So just start moving, even if it is a walk to the store, or playing Frisbee with the kids, and build up from there. Your fitness level will necessitate " short bursts " for now, but exercise makes you lighter, and healthier, and a year from now, yo will be running a 5K, and wondering how it happened. Make the exercise fun, and just keep at it, and you will be surprised at how much it increases, and eventually you will have to limit it, because you love doing it so much. Don't force it though.

Do 10 mins if that is what you feel comfortable with, and move to 15 when 10 gets easy, and so on.

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4/10/14 6:44 P

This is what I kind of think know. Everyone has the thought process of I really want to get this workout in as fast as possible. If you want to lose weight though the longer you can exercise slow and steady will help you lose more weight.

Good luck on your journey.

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4/10/14 5:00 P

Does anyone know if short bursts of exercise are just as good as a long stretch? I am 48 and about 40 pounds over weight. I have met with a trainer to do a treadmill work out for 30 minutes 3 x week and weight exercise on the other two. But I read somewhere if you can get 3 miles a day in you can still loose. I'm not trying to get ripped or anything crazy but want to better my health. I'm wondering if I can get say a mile in the morning a mile at midday and 1 later in the evening.

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