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1/13/13 9:46 A

Dear AM,

I usually like to read a person's Sparkpage and find out what kind of activities the person does for their workout before giving ANY advice, but your page was unavailable, so I'll just throw a couple of things out there and see if any of it helps.

You sound like an experienced runner, so I'm while I'm not going to rule out IT syndrome, it sounds unlikely. It would manifest itself more on the outside of your leg and knee and would be more of a chronic issue from overuse.

Coach Jen has the most logical advice. If it keeps on bothering you, see a doctor. Start with your regular doctor and perhaps he'll get an x-ray to see if something is going on with your hip or spine.

Before that however, I would check out my shoes. The best running shoes on the market are only good for 3-6 months. They may still look new but the cushioning in the shoe loses it's elasticity and ability to absorb shock effectively after that time. Performance runner's replace their shoes about every 12-16 weeks. Additionally, proper fitting shoes are very important. Many stores (Run-2-Fit comes to mind) have stride analysis now and can suggest several shoes to fit both the shape of your arch and your stride for better comfort and a better running experience.

Worn out or poor fitting shoes can lead to knee, hip and back pain, especially in women. So try a new pair of shoes and see if this doesn't fix the problem.

Good luck and JUICE to YOU!

Jonny Mac

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Are you wearing good shoes that fit properly and aren't worn out? How many days per week do you run and how long have you been in this routine? It's hard to speculate on exactly what the problem might be, but I would say that if the pain becomes more persistent, you should probably get it checked out by your doctor.

Coach Jen

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1/12/13 10:06 P

My guess would be IT band syndrome, just because I had it and had the same symptoms. Chiros can't help with the problem - stretches can - google IT band stretches, and do them daily. This is what I did and it helped, but I also stopped running, too terrified to start again and don't really like running. I was in a whole lots of pain with my IT Band.

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1/12/13 8:24 P

I remember getting pain like that when I was running too. Id recommend going to a's amazing what they can do! And do lots of stretches beforehand

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1/12/13 4:40 P

Thanks, Gevans. I looked it up, and by looking at the pictures and diagrams, it seems like exactly the issue I'm having. Now to figure out what's causing it.

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1/12/13 2:11 P

I've never experienced that but is sounds like possible sciatica and the pain is. Originating in your back. You could possibly benefit from an adjustment. I would not work through that pain. Be sure to stretch your back and hamstrings.

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1/12/13 1:42 P

Sometimes when I'm running, I get this pinching pain in my lower right hip, and it shoots down my leg and stops about mid-calf. It hurts the most in the actual hip, and where it stops in the calf.

This doesn't happen everytime I run, just once in a while. But today is was so bad, I had to stop after 2 miles. I walked for a mile, and then tried to run again, and could only go two fifths of a mile before I just had to stop. I typically run with pretty good form, so I started wondering, do I get this problem when my form is off? Do I need to do some hip stretching before I run? It's so inconsistant, that I have no way to pinpoint what causes it.

Has anybody experienced something like this?

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