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10/5/12 9:57 A

@LADYPIXEL thanks for the advice and I plan on getting my shoes fitted properly with all the advice I've gotten here.

@NVRDWN88 thanks for your help

@BROOKLYN_BORN I didnt know online sales can hurt local stores! That's not good. It's like what's the point of giving us the opportunity to shop online if it's going to hurt local stores.

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10/4/12 3:14 P

I'd second Brooklyn_Born's thoughts on the store, with the additional note that while you can find stuff online for cheaper, you also don't tend to get the warranty, so if you don't like the shoes, you're stuck with them. What I personally will do is to go into the local running store at least yearly (and sometimes twice a year), try shoes (and sometimes get my gait reassessed to make certain it didn't change), and buy a pair from them. Then, if I wear down that pair and I liked the fit/the feel/etc, I'll buy a second pair online at a slightly discounted rate, knowing that I'll be happy with the style and function.

BROOKLYN_BORN Posts: 7,560
10/4/12 3:01 P

@NVRDWN88 I understand your desire to save $20 on the shoes, but taking advantage of trying on shoes at the local store you say is so helpful and then buying them online is a prescription for driving them out of business. If everyone did this, then there won’t be anywhere to try them on. Our local running store supports local races, runs clinics and generally is an asset to our community. I would hate to see them disappear.

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10/4/12 2:19 P

I have been surprised at how helpful the people are at a finishline store or second sole these are the stores we have ....we try them on and then buy on line for 20 dollars cheaper usually shipped to house for free (prime member on amazon:not an ad just truth lol) I actually hate it cause id rather buy local but this ads up to thousands over the year with everything we buy.....anyways we are lucky that these young people have been helpful we are both asics fans and gf is trying brooks next just to far as knee or other pains take it easy and listen to injury is that many more daya of not training so be smart and stay active to your abilities ....everyone have a great week....attitude is everything

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10/4/12 2:11 P

@New_Me_Forever: you'll get there! :) It just takes time and patience. I do strongly, strongly advise reading up on some of the different tips and tricks out there for new "runners", as they also apply to walkers/joggers. You do not want to have wars with your feet or legs while you're doing this, and they have some great hints on building up your leg muscles. But the new shoes are a great start... and just remember, if it starts to actually HURT, stop, stretch, maybe use a foam roller to help stretch out the muscles, and relax. Aching muscles while you're building them is normal, but actual pain is not. :)

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,578
10/4/12 2:03 P

@LADYPIXEL yes I wanted to walk/jog the 5K. It will be a long time before I become an actual runner. For now I want to work my way up to jogging, but no time soon because I'm still having slight knee pains.

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10/4/12 1:15 P

Something I've found helpful in locating stores in your area is to check magazines like Runner's World online. They tend to have lists of the larger running store chains. :)

I walk/jog right now -- I don't run-run. At the moment, I'm going for endurance at a 15-16 minute per mile pace, as I'm training for a slow half-marathon in February while losing weight. You may find that you'll want to jog more after you've walked for a while!

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10/4/12 1:07 P


@LADYPIXEL I have to find a running store, but Im looking for shoes that I can walk or run in because I mostly walk. 90 day warranty?? You can't beat that!

As far as weightloss I've decided to wait after I've lost a good amount of weight before trying to become a runner.

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10/4/12 12:45 P

4lbs less pressure on hills/stairs, yes - one pound makes a LOT of difference there on the knees. But I'm not sure what the ratio is on footstrike on flat surfaces. It's probably comparable if you're doing a pretty good pace.

My local running stores all have a guarantee of at least 30 days, no questions asked returns. Roadrunner has a 90-day guarantee. (Another reason I like Roadrunner!)

BROOKLYN_BORN Posts: 7,560
10/4/12 12:33 P

New_Me - My local running store is so serious about getting it right that they will take them back within 30 days if they don't work for you, assuming you haven't worn them in the rain and mud, of course. If I'm forced to try a new model because my old one has been "improved" (i.e. it just doesn't feel right anymore), I usually run on a tm until I'm sure I'm keeping them.
Losing weight will also help your knees. I think it's 4 lbs less pressure for every pound lost, so the future is bright.

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,578
10/4/12 12:23 P

Thanks everyone.

Hey BROOKLYN_BORN the shoes I was wearing were a nike brand running shoe. I bought them by last Nov/Dec so there are approaching 1yrs old. I've never been fitted for shoes and never been a running because of my weight.

Price is important. I would hate to spend lots of money on a pair of shoes and still experience knee pain.

@SERGEANTMAJOR thanks for the knee strength suggestions

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BROOKLYN_BORN Posts: 7,560
10/3/12 8:09 P

Hi New-Me, you didn’t say what kind of shoes you are currently wearing as you started your 5K training. Something you bought? Something you had hanging around the closet?

I’m going to agree with those that suggest a reputable running store.
My daughter’s HS coach suggested a shoe for her when she joined the cross country team. A competitive swimmer, this was her first running experience. She couldn’t manage 1 mile without knee pain. We were about to decide that she wasn’t meant to run when we visited a shoe store owned by a man well known in our local running community. A change of shoes (same brand but a different model and about the same price) and all was well and continues to be for over 20 years and many, many marathons later, including several Boston.

I really don’t want to contradict someone with lots of experience, but in our case the first pair of shoes was wrong for her foot and I’m glad I questioned the coach’s recommendation. Good luck to you.

10/3/12 5:14 P

To build leg strength do full squats and lunges. Do not stop your squat at 90 degrees that will further stress your knees go all the way down. To begin with lunges do static lunges which are also called split squats. As you gain strength then you can progress to the step forward lunges.

OKGOATGAL Posts: 713
10/3/12 5:04 P

Having good shoes to begin with is a must. I have weird feet and can't wear the nike and reeboks so often recommended. I wear Saucony shoes for running and they work well for me. Not so much for walking, but for running. I wear Asics if I'm doing a light run and weights. I also replace my shoes I use for running when the soles show signs of wear. I know it's 6 months or so many miles, but I'm beginning my program again, after many starts and stops, so I just keep an eye on the soles, insoles, and how they feel. I can tell the difference between the shock absorption of the new vs the old shoes.
I also do not wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row-for exercising or at work. I have had a back issue for almost 17 yrs and have to constantly evaluate whether shoes are working properly for me or not.
The advice about getting properly fitted is right on. But make sure you keep an eye on the condition of the shoes and replace them as needed. As you lose weight, if that is a goal, you need to be refitted to make sure the shoes are still what you need. :) My feet shrunk a half size when I lost weight a few yrs ago. And when I put it back on because I got lazy, they grew almost a whole size. :(

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,578
10/3/12 4:20 P

Great advice everyone!!

SERGEANTMAJOR how do I build knee strength? I heard squats is 1 good options.

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
10/3/12 3:51 P

The local New Balance has a certified pedorthist, who identified a problem on my foot before I'd even taken my shoe off! I knew it was there (a tailor's bunion), but was amazed that she could tell! Got a great pair of shoes & my feet are doing emoticon

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10/3/12 3:33 P

As someone who does overpronate when I walk, I will advise looking into some good walking shoes if you're going to be walking, because yes, they can sometimes help balance your foot or train your foot into the right position. For this, you need to go to a good running store and have your gait checked as well as your weight distribution. In my area, we have Roadrunner Sports and a number of other running shops -- they will check your weight distribution on your feet, then watch (and film, in the case of Roadrunner) your gait, look it over, and see how your feet and legs move when you walk/run. That will help them recommend shoes to compensate for issues.


The person two posts below me (the one who advises against fancy shoes) has one really vital point: starting a running program without strengthening the leg muscles is risking injury. You need to build both at once, -and- you need to learn how to use your upper body/your posture to balance you, too. I strongly advise looking into some strengthening exercises for your legs, because that may well handle a lot of your knee issues. I have minor birth defects in my knees, and to prevent knee replacement, I've had to keep my leg muscles at least partially toned all my life to prevent knee dislocations... and you'd be surprised at just how MUCH your hamstrings and quads affect your knees.

Also, definitely don't have your knee locked when your foot hits the ground. That's a recipe for pain. :)

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10/3/12 3:33 P

Go to your local running store & have them fit you. The big box stores usually aren't trained to fit you with the best shoe for you.

10/3/12 1:34 P

In my years of experience knee pain from running in those I have coached surfaces and fancy shoes did not ameliorate the problem proper running and walking form was the key. If your centre of mass is behind your foot strike you are over striding and landing with a locked knee which removes the natural shock absorption of landing with the knee flexed. Another contributing factor may be a lack of muscular strength in the thigh muscles which in most have been underused. Starting a running programme without starting a programme to strengthen the leg muscles is a formula for failure and getting injured.

Have your running and walking mechanics checked and strengthen your leg muscles before you let some shoe clerk sell you a pair of over engineered and over priced "corrective" shoes.

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10/3/12 12:45 P

Check your area for a reputable running/walking store. If you don't have any good running stores, look for a place called Fleet Feet. You need a good sports store to be properly fitted for a good pair of shoes.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
10/3/12 12:21 P

If you have never been properly fitted for athletic shoes before, go to an athletic shoe store to find out your best size.

The knee pains might be related to the way you walk, though. A good shoe will help you walk or run with correct form (I know, how silly is that, that you need to use correct form, but it's true!). Or it could be the surface you're walking on. Usually treadmills or grass are easier on joints than paved surfaces.

NEW_ME_FOREVER Posts: 5,578
10/3/12 12:03 P

Where is a good place to buy walking or running shoes to avoid injury? I recently tried to train for my first 5K and started having knee pains.

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