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I agree with M@L.

Running is a specialized sport that requires different movement from your body than exercises like Zumba. I would not use running shoes in a zumba class (too many moves side-to-side, which running shoes aren't designed to support) and I wouldn't use cross trainers or anything but running shoes while running.

For me, running is SO dependent on my shoes. Without properly fitted running shoes, fitted at a specialty store, I hurt too much to run. I suffer from shin splints, and improper shoes simply don't do the job, and I end up sidelined for weeks with severe pain.

I don't know that I would rely on an insole to "convert" your shoe into a running shoe. You don't use a screwdriver for a nail. ;) Get the right tool for the job!

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4/1/13 6:33 A

The good thing about Zumba is that it is fairly low impact, and thus isn't all that demanding on your feet.

I strongly suspect that "special shoes for Zumba" is just a marketing ploy.

Running is much higher impact, and is more demanding of shoes. Likewise cross-training shoes for things like tennis or basketball where you are frequently stopping and changing direction, which involves a lot of sideways forces on your foot.

I'd recommend getting shoes that are designed for these purposes, and use them for Zumba as well (which is easier on the feet), rather than the other way around.


3/31/13 10:04 P

So I understand that there's a shoe for exercise like zumba, and a shoe strictly for running, and cross training shoes that meet somewhere in the middle. I really like the Reebok Sublite ( ). It's lightweight and roomy enough for my wide foot with a pivot point on the bottom for zumba. Could it double as a running shoe if I added an insole? No serious running; just around my apartment complex on a nice day, or a 5k at the most!

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