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6/19/12 12:00 P

Experiment with a minimalist approach by going barefoot for workouts, wearing Aqua socks for running, skipping rope and step exercises. This will build up and strengthen the underused muscles of the feet and ankles which are over supported by the current workout shoes. Try various brands and styles of minimalist shoes and find the one which fits you best and you find the most comfortable.

Minimalist shoes are not a panacea, any faulty running mechanics also need to be corrected. I have a post of proper running mechanics on the Spark teams F.I.T. Females in Training and Resistance band and bodyweight training.

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6/19/12 7:55 A

Thanks Gordo, that is great information!

6/19/12 1:39 A

Minimalist footwear is generally better for overpronators. The raised heel of conventional shoes encourages excessive pronation by shifting more weight to the forefoot.. whereas with minimalist shoes it's distributed more evenly across the foot. But i would transition to the Vibrams very slowly to avoid more orthopedic issues. I made a post on how to transition properly here:

If your feet overpronate and you have IT band syndrome, your peroneal and adductor muscles are probably tight and need frequent stretching. Instructions on how to do this are on Youtube. That should help reduce both the overpronation & IT band issues.

Personally i run in a pair of water socks, which are much like Vibrams but only $5. emoticon

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6/19/12 1:04 A

Thanks, I'll check those out. If I do end up investing in Vibrams, would you recommend them just for DVD and gym workouts, or for running too? Do you think that would correct my overpronation? I'm always nervous about that because before I had my stability shoes and Superfeets, my IT band syndrome would get so bad after running that I couldn't walk down a flight of stairs without collapsing at the bottom because my knee would just give out on me.

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6/18/12 1:33 P

oh wow..I didnt even think this existed..I always thought I feel better running barefoot... but I havent tried...just a thought that maybe its better...but now I am curious after reading the story.

6/18/12 1:16 P

I have had Vibram Five Fingers for just over two years and my partner also has had them for the same period. This spring I purchased another pair for her which are better suited to hiking. I also have Fila Skeletoes which are similar. My partner was recommended to get Superfeet several years ago for her hiking shoes but has found that the VFFs work fine.

The only thing we have found them not effective for is cycling due to the lack of rigidity we are used to having with cycling shoes. I suggest as an experiment you invest in a cheap pair of beach slippers such as Aqua socks and try those for your workouts. The reason you have the problems you describe is due to your over supported foot muscles having atrophied and become weak. By going "barefoot' you will work them and cause them to strengthen.

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6/18/12 12:54 P

That's awesome for her. Do you have any experiences with these types of shoes? I've always been intrigued but have quite a bit of overpronation when I run. I have to wear a stability shoe along with green Superfeet inserts to correct the problem. When I use a shoe with less support, like cushioned cross trainers when I do exercise videos, the soles of my feet ache and I have to switch back to my running shoes even if they don't give me as much support with lateral movements during plyometrics.

6/18/12 11:45 A

This is an article on a "barefoot" marathoner published the day before the Grandma's Marathon in Minnesota last Saturday. She ran 4:13:39.<

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