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1/2/12 10:24 A

Go for it! So long as it's appropriate, and not just shirtless, not topless, I think most people would be okay with that.

Though I would echo other's sentiments about be leery with your privacy. You might seriously consider cropping your head off of the shot if you think anyone might take it the wrong way.

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1/2/12 10:15 A

Totally appropriate.

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1/2/12 10:12 A

Go for it!


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DRRPH35749 SparkPoints: (40,406)
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1/2/12 7:24 A

sure why not

KKKAREN Posts: 12,153
1/2/12 6:20 A

I don't see a problem.

BEY220 Posts: 5,007
1/2/12 12:19 A

I think so...

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (311,013)
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1/2/12 12:17 A

I don't see why not. Just wear a sports bra.

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ANARIE Posts: 12,772
1/2/12 12:04 A

Just remember that this website is completely public, which means any picture you post is out on the Internet FOREVER. There have even been cases of scam diet websites coming here and stealing members' progress photos to post on their own sites (and as you know, sometimes the "before" and "after" aren't the same person-- they might steal just your "before.") For your own protection, don't post anything that you might not want potential employers, coworkers, your (existing or future) kids, or potential in-laws' private detectives to find 15 years from now.

Even if you think you won't mind it being public, I would suggest that you put those pictures in your gallery rather than actually on your main SparkPage, and just mention them in your blog so friends who want to see can go look. That's safer; bots and spammers and image thieves don't generally look that deep.

However, as far as site policies go, I don't think you'd be breaking any rules. Women can post pictures in swimsuits or sport bras, so as long as you've clearly got your pants on, you should be fine.

1/1/12 9:33 P

I'm all for it! Man bodies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful!

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RUBENB2003 Posts: 13,541
1/1/12 8:04 P

If they are in good taste then yes they are appropriate. How often to do we get inundated with those guys with their shirt off? Let's show them what is realistic and not photoshopped!

NWFL59 Posts: 6,137
1/1/12 8:00 P

I don't see it as a problem and it should provide excellent reference of your progress and its impact on your overall appearance.

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1/1/12 7:40 P


MADDUXCR SparkPoints: (24,565)
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1/1/12 7:37 P

If you feel comfortable and the pictures are appropriate for all audiences, then why not?

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (84,437)
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1/1/12 7:09 P

Go for it. I mean, you're posing for progress pics not Playgirl, right? It's no big deal.

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AMYNYNJ SparkPoints: (58,367)
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1/1/12 6:35 P

Sure why not!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,088
1/1/12 6:16 P

I totally agree-- SURE!! I've seen a gazillion ads for fitness stuff where the guys are shirtless, with their 6 packs prominently displayed. And the girls all have on bikini tops or skimpy sports bras. It can be hard to really see the progress if it's all covered up with a t-shirt. And on the Biggest Loser, they always "strip down" for the weigh-ins.

Ruth in Cookeville, TN Central Time Zone

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SZIMM04 Posts: 94
1/1/12 6:11 P

Sure it is, it will give you good feedback when you have lost that weight and great motivation not to gain it back!

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1/1/12 5:57 P

Why not? Assuming you are a man, or if you're a woman, you put on a bra or bikini top, you can see much worse on basic cable.

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1/1/12 5:52 P

This may be a weird question. I was wonder if it is appropriate or not to post shirtless progress pics so as time goes by you and your friends can see how effective your changes are.

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