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Stretching before exercise used to be a staple of exercise advice. But recent research has come out strongly against stretching cold muscles.

Yes, you should be warming with light cardio to get the blood flowing to the relevant muscles, but keep stretching until AFTER your workout.


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5/7/14 1:40 P

I have them too and i find that if i stretch well before my walk on the treadmill and then alternate my incline then i feel ok. I also stretch after.

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5/7/14 11:53 A

I am ashamed to say that I wear my crocs when I walk. They are just so comfy! I have 2 really good pairs of tennis shoes, I will start wearing them :( I have dramatically increased my walking so you are probably right. Thanks for the info!

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5/7/14 11:19 A

Hi, Melissa !

Your shin splints might not be a result of working out barefoot at home. When you decided to increase your daily activity, did you also start walking more ? What sort of shoes do you wear when you walk ?

Walking too fast, too far, too soon can cause shin splints. Another cause would be the shoes you're wearing when you're walking. Are you wearing good shoes that support your feet ? I do see a lot of women wearing really high heels when they walk. Those sorts of high heels reek havoc with a woman's feet.

So, if you're going from high heels during the day to bare footed exercise at night, that could be the reason you're getting shin splints too.

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5/7/14 4:40 A

Try the Spark article "Tips and Hints to Deal with Shin Splints".

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5/6/14 10:53 P

In October thru Feb. I was exercising at least an hour a day, six days a week. I was gifted with a bad case of shin splints on both shins. Any suggestions on how I can avoid these? I do exercise barefooted.

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