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1/2/13 7:02 A

Did you get fitted for the proper shoes for you?

Go to you local running store and get fitted. They will analyse your gait and running style and fit you with shoes that are specific for your body mechanics.

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12/29/12 12:02 P

Runner's World recently did a fabulous video on shin splints that completely solved my problems with shin splints (I've had them pretty much from day one of trying to run.)

The most important thing I did was get a pair of properly fitted running shoes. Every foot is different, and having a pair of shoes fitted in a specialty running store (NOT a big box retailer) was critical.

When they came back, they were also able to recommend arch supporting orthotic inserts for me that completely solved the problem. I have flat feet/fallen arches and I overpronate a little and that's just enough to throw off my form and cause shin splints!

12/28/12 7:38 P

How do I check running mechanics?

First have someone watch your foot strike. Is it in front of your centre of mass? Is you knee locked and the leg extended? What part of your foot lands first? You can actually check all of this yourselfif you concentrate and pay attention to how you are moving. Try this exercise, holding onto something move your leg with knee bent to the rear then swing it forward from the hip letting the knee and thigh lead, unlock the knee and let the foot drop and swing as you place it with your toe down so that you land on your fore or mid foot as you move your body forward as if you were running. You should find it lands under your centre of mass with the knee flexed. If it does not you are leading with your foot and not your knee causing you to over stride and land on your heel with you knee locked. This deprives you of any shock absorption from the flexed knee and the muscles of the front of the thigh.

Simple formula, swing your leg from the hip, do not reach with your foot, run on your feet not with them.

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12/28/12 3:49 P

Jen, thanks for sharing the article on shin splints. I sent it to a running friend having shin problems.
I used to have a lot of pain in my shins after running. The gym I go to suggested the following exercise, simplified to help explain.
Sit on a table with your feet hanging down but not touching the floor. Put a bucket on your toes with weight in the bucket. Lift the bucket raising your toes.
I've been told this is the only exercise that will strengthen these muscles.

If you have questions, let me know.

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12/28/12 3:38 P

how do you have running mechanics checked? I would definately be interested in this. Lol, especially if it would help.

12/28/12 3:11 P

Have someone check your running mechanics, I think you are over striding , landing with a heel first strike in front of your centre of mass. You want to land on your mid or fore foot with your knee flexed and your centre of mass over your foot strike. Running is basically a series of controlled falls done one after another.

If you go to the Spark team Resistance band and bodyweight training you will find a description of proper running mechanics in the General Discussion forum.

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12/28/12 3:02 P

Thanks for that. Very informational. emoticon

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12/28/12 2:21 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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12/28/12 1:59 P

Okay so i just recently started running and i downloaded this app on my phone to help me build up distance with alternating between walking and running. I'm a stretcher and stretch before i do any physical activity...i'm not use to running though and maybe i haven't been stretching the right muscles. I believe i have developed shin splints. I have pain raidating from the front of my leg up to my knee...and it's continuous. After i run it's horrible...i subsides a little later after i have iced it and taken some medication but it doesn't seem to really be getting any better. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as treatment or has anyone had this problem that has resolved?


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