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6/6/12 1:15 A

I am using my Adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor to help me in my training at the gym. My plan is: Women's training: lose weight: level 8
The last one, cause I workout for more than 45 mins. at a time so i needed something to really get me going. I leave the gps off and train based on the HR zones.
Even though my training plan is 6 days a week for 7 weeks, I combined the workouts of 30min or less into one day so that I can complete these 41 workouts by the time I am done with my gym membership for this month.

Hope it works!

6/6/12 1:11 A

So now my routine is stepper first for the more intense workout and then move onto the stationary bike for the less intense workout.
Next week I shall tryout the rowing machine so as to give my arms a workout too. It will be the first time I use it, so we'll see how it goes.

6/5/12 1:33 A

Thankyou Jibbie :)

Since my last post, I had to stop walking again for fear of a re-injury. I was also considering other options and yesterday was my first day with the other option.
I joined a gym for this month! Using it mainly for cardio on the stepper, stationary bike and crosstrainer. I love how the stepper burns my thighs and gives me a good calorie burn in shorter time. :)

heres hoping that I can do it this month and get closer to my goal!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,988
5/27/12 7:27 A

emoticon Don't quit.

5/23/12 1:00 A

another 5k completed. Just one more day and its a 2 day weekend and some much needed rest for my feet.

Today I felt a slight discomfort on my left leg. Tomorrow going to take it really really slow and have a sort of relaxed breezy walk. The climate is getting hotter, i gotta leave earlier to beat the heat. Right now about 9:30 am, its 33 degree C and this is just the beginning of summer.

I hope I can get to my goal by July first week. After that I plan to stop walking till september and do a bit of swimming instead. DH said I can go learn swimming in July. Woohoo!

5/22/12 12:31 A

So yesterday I went all out on my carb intake. The chocos were just calling out to me and finally I gave in and gobbled them up with a glass of milk. Then DH got me an icecream (I had been asking him for it since last week and he got it yesterday) so again it was carbs.

Anyways, I am not beating myself up about it, once in a while its good to this as long as its not once everyday ;)

So today I did my 5k walk again and foot is so far so good :). No breakfast for just today and maybe lunch too. I'll have a bit of protein + fat (chicken & butter) for dinner. Then for the next 2 and a half weeks be extra careful.

5/21/12 12:37 A


Today, I finally gathered up all my courage (to overcome my foot injury) and start walking again. Slow and steady, I completed 5k today, walking only, and I'm feeling great! :)
Also started on Atkins induction again and I guess there is no looking back now *fingers crossed*
For the next 3 days I will be doing 5k walking only but slow and steady. Then a 2 day weekend to give my legs a much needed rest.


5/14/12 11:51 P

Sigh... its one of those times...

I really haven't gotten anywhere for almost a month now. After walking outdoors, working out at home is just plain boring :( and I cant find the motivation enough for it.
13th is come and gone and I still haven't got back to walking. If I dont start any sooner, its going to get too hot (now its about 45 degree C in the afternoons) in the mornings as well.

I am trying to condition my mind as I am a bit worried about the foot injury recurring. However I have to try to know if I can do it. I hope I can soon...

5/1/12 1:49 A

Its now May and a plantar fasciitis has sidelined my walking goals. So have modified them and including strength workouts too to make up for the lack of steps.
- Start walking again by the 13th at 1k per day and increment every week by another 1k inorder to add up to 5k.
- My recovery walk from 1k per day to 5k will be done at home with 'Walk away the Pounds' by Leslie Sansone. That way I am at the comfort of my home and walking on the wooden floor will give a bit more safety to my feet till I am 100% back in form.
- So
week1- 13th- 17th - 1k
week2- 20th- 24th - 2k
week3- 27th- 31st - 3k
- I will be additionally doing floorwork only workouts for the Jillian Michaels 'No More Trouble Zones' starting tomorrow. Along with eccentric exercises for plantar fasciitis.

5/1/12 1:38 A

Its been some time since my last post (of 12th April) , and a lot of things have happened since... So I'll track them here one by one.

1. I continued on Atkins induction for a week more and I lost some of the stubborn kg and reached 55kg.

2. I stopped induction but continued on eating healthy more proteins, fruits, veggies, diary and have more or less maintained.

3. I started walking 10k on 15th of April. By the 18th I had completed 40k (at 10k per day) and also ended up with a plantar fasciitis injury and that has put me out of comission for a while since I cant workout without my foot, especially walking.

4. End of April. I am better now and still recovering from plantar fasciitis and trying to motivate myself to start non-weight bearing exercises.

4/12/12 1:44 A

Day 7 of Induction: Thursday.

Woke up this morning feeling good. A bit of fatigue hanging around somewhere there, but a lot better. I went for my usual walk/jog, but decided not to strain myself and settled for a quick walk instead of a walk/jog combo. Covered 6km in total and got to work. Again had my glass of milk after cooling down and changing. Feeling better today, so maybe if things go well, I'll slowly skip the dates that I eat for lunch and dinner. A two day weekend coming up so no workouts and mostly being at home should be able to get back on track.
will update the rest this evening.

4/12/12 1:43 A

Day 6 of Induction: Wednesday.

Started this really lousy. Sent my son to school and went back to bed then woke up when my mom called and realised that I had overslept and was already 10min late to work. DH came picked me up and dropped me at work. Still feeling exhausted. Then had a glass of hot milk at work as my appetite was not back yet. Kept sipping water the rest of the morning and was back home for lunch. Lunch was a bit better as I had cauliflower, fish, onion, tomatoes and 4 dates then slowly began to feel a bit energetic. Went to bed and lay quietly for sometime and had a nice long shower about 4pm. Then as I seemed to feel a lot better, went about a few chores at home and finally had a bit of butter chicken for dinner with another 4 dates. Then went to bed not too tired but much much better than the last 5 days.

4/10/12 1:58 A

Day 5 of induction: Tuesday.

I am really struggling this time on induction
For one thing I am simply not hungry. I have a reached a point where I can at the most have one meal a day and that too being a light meal and then I am stuffed for the next 24 hours or simply not hungry.
This morning I woke up feeling tired, (obviously as I did not have dinner last night as i felt stuffed) and feeling really crappy. I sent my son to school and felt so sick that I went back to bed. after about 30mins i woke up feeling slightly better but still as crappy. So again skipped breakfast. Yes I know that is not good, but looking at the food choices I just dont want to eat.... sigh. I still managed my hour long morning walk/jog, but the jog didnt go too well this time as I was obviously tired. So I had to content with walking most of the time and reached work 10 mins late.
So I got home in the afternoon. Still no appetite . However I had some cauliflower and a bit of fish and then went to bed. Really feeling low and fatigued. sigh.
I boiled 2 eggs (I couldnt even THINK of frying them :O ) and then kept it to have as soon as I was able to get up from bed. About 4pm, I got up, made milk for my son, watched as he did his homework and after that about 5pm I warmed the eggs and had them and then lay down again. sigh...
Told my family that I pulled a muscle at work which was why I was just in bed all the time. Then at night I just didnt want to eat. Went to bed early about 9pm and then about 10pm woke up and ate 6-8 dates (yes, I know they are not induction friendly but I had to eat something without feeling I was going to puke).
As I just needed something and I was on pretty much an empty stomach I decided 'dates' would be it as I didnt have the stomach for anything else... no eggs, no meat, no fish and certainly no fat.
So DH got me the dates to bed and I lay in bed as I had the dates (didnt have the energy to get up). Then I fell asleep exhausted.

So I realized two things:
1. I hate cooking, always did. Inorder to make induction work for me (as the rest of the household don't eat atkins) I bought my own groceries and made simple salads and just fried the meat/fish for the protein.
This was my BIG mistake. I hate anything I cook and the recipes I found online for Atkins induction dont work for me as most spices mentioned are either unavailable or the result too bland for my tastes.
2. So, I guess by this weekend, that is by next sunday I move into OWL rung 1 as I dont think my body can handle the current state of affairs anymore. :'(
I am also going to just eat whats prepared at home. (we have a cook who comes and cooks twice a week). I will just leave out whats not induction acceptable and eat the rest and see if I feel any better and if I am losing weight...atleast a pound a week if not more.

Also by next week, I'll be doing 10k per day (walking in the morning) and with the way I feel now, that wont be possible. I had initially planned 10k a day from the day before but well I dont have the energy to do that so just have to suffice with about 5k for now.

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4/10/12 1:42 A

Day 4 of induction: Monday.
Today is the 'back to the routine' day. So I woke up at 5:30, prepared my son for school. He left at 6:20. In between I had some water and a multi-vitamin and got ready to walk to work as usual. However just after a few mintues I had this really sick feeling in my tummy. I was feeling all sweaty and exhausted all of a sudden and I knew that I was going to puke. A few minuted later, went to the bathroom and puked. Then I was perfectly alright. So instead of leaving for my walk at 6:20 i left about 7am after ensuring that I was ok.
The walk/jog went well, covered about 5.8km today and then reached office.
I didnt eat anything though, as puking made me lose my appetite. so came home for lunch and had a good lunch of eggs, fish, broccoli, mushroom, tomatoes, onion and cucumber. The diarrhea and tummy cramps seems to have gone away so thats a HUGE relief!
Can barely wait to move into OWL rung 1 and 2... as all this meat and fish is killing me.... just 10 more days... sigh...
So this evening, I didnt eat anything. I simply couldnt. I looked at my food and just wanted to puke as i felt stuffed, so went to sleep.

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4/8/12 12:01 A

Day 3 of induction : Sunday. Easter sunday.
From today on I get all the meat back in yay!
Just not hungry in the morning, cause i think the diarrhea has totally made me lose my appetite. However I have no headache either and I am not tired today (yet).
So decided to fill myself with water and I have to go to work till 12pm... that is noon. Then off to Easter mass and then lunch at my parents house about 1pm.
I seem to have lost 1kg already, well... I guess I would have with all this diarrhea going on...
On the bright side, I found my multi-vitamin tabs this morning. I had purchased them a few months ago with the intention of starting induction again, but it had not worked out then.
Checked the expiry date... 2013. So then had 1 mult-vitamin tab in the morning as I really couldn't stomach anything else.
Got home after mass for easter lunch and had chicken, pork and mutton. I was starved and so I ate.. but not over the top. I also had an onion tomato salad with the pork and mutton. I had one more episode of diarrhea but it was not too bad much later in the evening. Then ended up skipping dinner because well I lost my appetite again but had a few pieces of mushroom, brocolli and went to bed.

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4/7/12 11:59 P

So I started on my 14 day atkins induction on friday:

Day 1 of induction -
Friday: Being Good Friday, I realized on the day that I had to fast with just one meal being vegan. Problem... so as I did not want to change my induction start day again, I just went ahead with eggs and olive oil and butter. I had 2 eggs with 2tbsp olive oil and onions in the morning. Then water and more water. Came home in the evening, was not particularly hungry but had a stick of slightly salted butter late evening as I seemed to be coming down with a nasty migraine. That night before bed, I had a bit of diarrhea and a splitting migraine.

Day 2 of induction -
Saturday: I had planned on going for my 90min walk/jog session. I woke up with my headache from the night before and exhausted and called off the workout. Almost felt I was trembling slightly out of fatigue. Quickly made another 2 eggs with olive oil and tomato and onion salt and spice and filled up. Later we all went out for breakfast, as the entire family was on a one meal fast on friday. I did not eat at the restaurant, as I already had my breakfast. (Though I was really really tempted as I was still tired and still having the headache). We wanted to go shopping but I felt another bout of diarrhea coming on so had to drop by the house and then went shopping.
Saturday afternoon, I had fish and 1 egg with olive oil and onion, later that afternoon, diarrhea and tummy aches . But my headache was gone Yay!
Saturday night I had fish and a small salad of (cucumber, cabbage, tomato). Just before bedtime, another bout of diarrhea and went to bed.

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4/5/12 9:17 A

Day 5 of 5 of week 1.

23.7km completed. Did my 2 weeks shopping for atkins induction today and after this weekend and Easter, moving onto 7km per day hopefully.

Today I jogged for 5 mins twice as part of my miCoach training and it was really good. I kept myself in my heart rate and actually didnt hurt by the time I was done :) Yay!

4/5/12 9:14 A

Day 4 of 5 of week 1.

Another 5 km done. However by next next it has to go up inorder to finish the 150km this month end. Set me induction menu today.

4/5/12 9:12 A

Day 3 of 5 of week 1.

Been busy prepping myself mentally for my next week, upping the kms and also moving into induction. Finished another 5km walk today.

4/5/12 9:10 A

Day 2 of 5 of week 1.

Another 5k today and I am now thinking about moving into Atkins as well. I had previously done atkins induction 2 years ago and kept the weight and inches off for almost a few months till I lost track of myself.

This time I am much more prepared and aware of myself and hope to have a better result.

4/3/12 10:00 A

Day 1 of 5 of week 1.

So its april now and am back with my routine of walking to work. This month I need to up my total to about 150km, so that about 35km per week. This week it would be just 25 I think however next week I will leave earlier and hope to get in about 35 km per week.

3/31/12 11:27 A

When I started in february:
Chest: 33.1"
Waist: 31.1"
Hips: 40.2"
Weight: 59kg

Now on March 31st I am:
Chest: 33.0"
Waist: 28.7"
Hips: 39.0"
Weight: 57kg

Thats almost 3.5 inches lost all over!!!
(Btw, I'm not giving much credit to that weight loss, as I know tomorrow I might see that weight become 58 or even back to 59 so I am simply NOT counting it.
I know my goal weight is 50kg, and I will leave it there, just to help me remember that my goal is to eventually get to my weight before I became pregnant. However my priority in measuring my improvements of my measure and not my weight) :)

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3/31/12 11:22 A

Today I changed my Community Journal title from,
"Shedding those last 15 pounds"
"Shedding my 15 pounds (or equivalent inches)!"

It says a lot about how far I have come ever since I started this walk to work in february. I started of wanting to lose weight... and now I have realized the best weight loss is the loss in inches. It is also the quickest as you begin to see results in days and not weeks or months. Its slow and steady but its very visibly there.

And NO, you dont put back those inches in 2 days if you dont exercise, unlike the weighing machine, which fluctuates like crazy driving you insane and sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

I have FINALLY learned (through these 6 weeks) to walk past that weighing scale. I have more fun now measuring myself that I weigh myself and I see the changes.
I measure myself every week and some part of me definitely reduces and I will weigh myself maybe once a month or when I fancy.

3/31/12 11:12 A

So March is over (well almost).

I wanted to do 100km in March and by God's grace was able to stick to it and complete 100k walking/jogging. My average speed about 4.5kmh

When I started in February, the first time I decided to walk to work in the mornings, I was doing about 3km a day. I started mid-feb and by the end of feb, clocked about 33km. I felt sure I could go further and to make it more interesting take a (round about) scenic route to my work place with additional 2km added to my daily walk. So in other words to get to my office from home, I HAD to walk 5km.

This new route is by the seaside, and there are a lot of joggers, walkers, cyclists in the morning like me. The joy of this route is that its uninterrupted, and if i want I can increase my distance or decrease it as time permits. Going to get there earlier from next week so as to be able to add additional kms per day this next month.

So for next month, April, my goal is about 150km and hopefully inches OR weight loss.

3/29/12 3:20 P

Day 5 of 5 of week 4.

And I did it! emoticon

I was a bit worried how today would be and my start was slow, however I finished 8.2km today and so finished my March goal of 100km (actually 105km)!

As regards weight loss, I did not lose anything, not even a gram!
Chuck the scales I say! I have been losing inches and feeling fitter and slimmer. So I am not going to bother myself with those scales again!

3/29/12 3:16 P

Day 4 of 5 of week 4.

Today I was sick...well not actually but feeling really wiped out and fatigued so I thought it better to take rest for the day. I really did want to go out and workout but I was absolutely dead beat and all i did for most of the day coming back from work was to sleep.
Have about 7km more to complete this month (March) goal of 100Km. I do not want to workout on my usual rest days of Fri/Sat so well hopefully I can finish the last 7 tomorrow.

3/29/12 3:13 P

Hi Ana, and thank you for your encouragement. :)
I hope we can both reach our goals soon, but slow and steady. Good luck with your goals too!

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3/27/12 3:23 P

Hi my name is Ana. I think that it's great that you're doing you're best to lose your baby weight. I gained 25 pounds since I got married. And I can absolutely see the difference. I too plan to lose 15 pounds so I can feel and look better. Good luck with your goals!

3/27/12 2:43 P

Day 3 of 5 of week 4.

Continued with my workout today in the evening. Completed 5k again with a relaxed version of c25k day 1 as I am now concentrating on the miCoach training. I am also doing the c25k as 2 min walk - 2 min jog intervals till I improve my stamina.

3/27/12 2:41 P

Day 2 of 5 of week 4.

Did the Assessment workout of the miCoach today. Wow that was some workout and my max HR was about 200. It was just 12 minutes but I did it and was lucky enough to get it right the first try.

I also tried out a single workout just to get a feel of the miCoach and was really impressed.

So this morning I completed 5.6k on my way to work and then in the evening another 5.3k at a park near my home to make up for yesterday. So a total of 10k emoticon

3/27/12 2:38 P

Day 1 of 5 of week 4.

After much thought I decided to get a Heart Rate Monitor to help me in my training to run/lose weight adventure. So today, I bought the Adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor with the iPhone Connect dongle for my iphone. Its was less expensive than the Pacer Bundle and just what I needed. emoticon

I couldnt workout today due to various reasons, so I hoped to make up for it over the week.

3/22/12 1:30 P

Day 5 of 5 of week 3.

Today was a disaster! emoticon
I barely covered 5850 steps... and I feel the onslaught of a flu emoticon May end up that my next weeks workout would go to 4000-5000 steps or less depending on this. Arrgh! i hate falling ill or feeling ill. I just hope I can get some steps in...

3/21/12 4:24 A

Day 4 of 5 of week 3.

Today was not so good. Did day 3 of week 4 of the c25k today... but had to take a lot of breaks and did not even finish the runs properly as I was walking most of the time. Hopefully tomorrow is better and I really need to work on my posture... emoticon

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3/21/12 4:23 A

Day 3 of 5 of week 3.

I am still trying to figure my posture during my jog... sometimes I tire out so easily, and sometimes I feel i can run for minutes more (no... not miles :) ).
I am considering getting a heart rate monitor so that i can concentrate on my breathing and jogging rather than stopping and counting my heart rate...

Anyways I completed day 2 of week 4 of the c25k today and felling really good... :)

3/21/12 4:18 A

Day 2 of 5 of week 3.

I was dreading the c25k (week 4, day 1 workout of c25k) challenge today, a total of 16 mins jogging... however I was pleasantly surprised as I managed the whole run. However I did notice that my heart rate was more in the aerobic/fat burning mode.
Hope to work up on the speed (heart rate in anaerobic) in the next 4 days. :)

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3/19/12 11:21 A

Day 1 of 5 of week 3.

Did an additional round of week 3, day 3 of the c25k today just to prep myself for the next part of the runs... the week 4... which I start tomorrow. It was good, however my walking speed was a disaster..going at about 4kmph which was rather slow and strangely enough I couldnt increase it, even though I am comfortable at moving at about 5.6kmph on good days...

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3/16/12 2:35 A

Day 5 of 5 of week 2.

Today was just as great, though I feel exhausted. I took some time out in between (about 15seconds) to track my heart rate too...
So noticed the following:
My first 1 km walk (heart rate is in 'fat burning mode')
My 2nd - 3rd km (heart rate is in 'aerobic mode')
My 4th-5th km the c25k (heart rate is in 'anaerobic mode')

So I'm thinking thats a good thing :)

So today i finished the 3rd Day (of week 3) of c25k.
and finished the 2nd week of my walk/run workouts. Hope next week (starting sunday) is as good. :)

3/14/12 1:45 P

Day 4 of 5 of week 2.

Better today :) emoticon

I didnt do my workout in the morning as DS was going late to school today as well, so instead decided to do it at the park nearby in the evening after DH got home. I also had 2km leftover from yesterday.

So today I did 7km... walking and jogging the c25k Week3 Day2. Finished the whole workout in 90 minutes. So I am back on track in my weekly distance/steps.

Hope tomorrow is as good. :)

3/13/12 10:39 A

Day 3 of 5 of week 2.

Today was a disaster!
Couldn't do the usual route today as DS's school starts late for today and the next two days. So instead of my usual scenic route to work, I had to make do with walking around the small school near my home. After 5 rounds I had just about passed the 1km mark. This was going to be long and tiring and boring. :(
Anyways, I did half of the c25k, week 3 day 2 but not more as I had to return home and well it was a disaster.

On the bright side, atleast i got in 3km...

3/12/12 11:15 A

Day 2 of 5 of week 2.

I did it! I did the week3, day 1 of the c25k without stopping for breath or feeling as though my knees would break! emoticon

I had a brisk walk upto 3km and then did the c25k (week 3, day1). I was breathing heavily during the runs, but managed to complete it without a stop. The cold wind making me really thirsty and parched after each jog interval. So had to stop at the beginning of each walk interval to drink water and get my breath.

Total in today's c25k: jogged 9 minutes and walked 9 minutes (minus warmup and the previous 3km walk).

3/12/12 11:08 A

Day 1 of 5 of week 2.

Today was just walking all along. I decided to see how much pain if any I have and the maximum speed I can walk. Had a bit of a scare last week. So I walked about 5km and found that towards the middle of my walk I am comfortably able to increase my speed and no pains. So I think my problem is warming up.
Will get back to c25k tomorrow and see how it goes.

3/10/12 7:23 A

Day 5 of 5 of week 1.

Completed a total of 27km this week walking and a bit of jogging. I think my one knee has some issue, so decided to maybe ease on the enthusiasm a bit and do the c25k slowly. however walking is not an issue... just running sometimes.

In terms of kilos, I have not lost any weight.. but I have lost an inch all over so I am not too worried :)

Would be great if I could lose 2kg by the end of this month... lets see how it goes!

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3/7/12 6:41 A

Day 4 of 5 of week 1.

Tracked every bit of my workout carefully... breaking them into laps so as to not be confused.
Coverd 6km today in 90mins. I started late and the first c25k run went better than yesterday, the second run was miscalculated and I did an earlier day instead... emoticon

Guess it happened cause I use one app as my pedometer and another app to give me alerts on the c25k... didnt notice that I had accidentally clicked the wrong day in between repeating the runs. Will be more alert tomorrow.

3/7/12 6:35 A

Day 3 of 5 of week 1.

Today my tracking was off the mark. Counted about 7167 steps, covering 5.2km, but I know I did more than that. Took me 85mins.. and in between completed 2 rounds of week3-day 1 on c25k. (my goal is to do a 10k and since I am anyway taking the time, decided to do the program as part of it)

Really sore today and I think its just today that I really felt the burn of the workout. However I am listening to my body and taking breaks if I feel I am pushing it way out.

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3/7/12 6:32 A

Day 2 of 5 of week 1.

covered about 6.7km but not sure about the time as I am still figuring out the advanced controls on my pedometer.
Started c25k today, started with week3, day 1 as I think week 1 & 2 will be too easy for me. Managed to do it without much trouble :)

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3/4/12 12:52 A

Day 1 of 5 of week 1.

It took me 70 minutes to cover 5km. That was much slower than I had expected, however I did it and hopefully tomorrow I shall be able to cover the distance in lesser time...maybe an hour?
I wanted to run too.. a bit of c25k, however with my shoulderbag and time miscalculation, couldnt really concentrate on that.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better :)

3/3/12 7:19 A

Hi and thankyou for the welcome emoticon .
Lol, yes, I am quite short... just 149cm, so you can imagine 57kg on my little frame and my pear shape does not help either emoticon . Lol!
but thankyou for ur concern, yes it would have been a very low weight if I were a bit taller. However for my height I am on the border of over-weight and would like to go back to my normal which was about (fluctuating between) 49-51kg before I had my baby.
Hope to get there this time :)

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3/2/12 4:19 P

Congratulations for getting back on track. I am just wondering why your goal weight is so low? Are you quite short?? I am not trying to be's just that it seems really low and I wouldn't want anyone to get unhealthy while trying to lose weight.

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3/1/12 11:31 P

Great job. Walking is such a great way to start the day.

3/1/12 12:25 A

My name is Sumi and i have been battling my pregnancy weight for about 4 years now. This is my third time in SP and I am hoping that its "Third time lucky' for me, though I know that lucks got nothing to do with it. I tried dieting (really bad move, especially for someone like me who eats normal otherwise) and have been yo-yo ing in my weight and putting back on what I have lost plus some more.

So I have become wise (finally) to myself and decided to eat as I normally would (which is normal) but for 2 weeks in a month, i will do the (Kellogs) Special K and then the rest of the 2 weeks eat my normal food. Just so as to get results but with normal days to see how its affecting my weight fluctuations.

I am a digital artist and I work part time. My office being about 1.8 miles away from home.
Since 12th of february, I started walking this 1.8 miles to my office instead of taking the bus. I would return by bus as I have my 4yr DS at home waiting for me, so cant afford a wallk back home.

I walk 5 days a week and it has been a really pleasant experience. My fitness has improved and so has my speed and i was averaging about 4000 steps on my walk, 5 days a week.

I now plan on brining up my step count to about 12000 gradually by starting on a more round-about (about 3.7 miles), but scenic route to my office from next week and gradually working up the steps to about 12000 per day. To help with the additional steps, I am doing Leslie Sansone DVDs and hope to get to my goal weight by June.

I will post my progress here 5 days a week and measure/weigh in every month.

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