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5/15/13 2:58 P

Good goals, and good idea for a thread!

1. Eat within my calorie range 7 days in a row.
2. Learn 3 new leg exercises (probably my most ignored muscles during strength training!).
3. Learn how to prepare a new, tasty, filling vegetarian meal.
4. Continue making smart choices when offered a tasty treat at work.

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5/15/13 1:16 P

Today's Spark Coach was talking about sharing your goals. By sending them out into the sparkosphere, it bolsters your committment and accountability. So here are my personal goals:

1. Follow the Spark Solution for two weeks
2. Add some additional flexibilitiy training and stretching to my fitness routine
3. Continue to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day
4. Take the extra time to pre-plan - pack my gym back ahead of time, prepare food ahead of time, etc.
5. Congratulate myself on all of the good decisions I'm making day to day.

What are yours?

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