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MELROCK13 Posts: 36
9/27/11 2:36 A

thank you! I didn't know about sparkrecipes.I'm going to try it out.

LAVENDER101 Posts: 127
9/26/11 6:18 P

Welcome to Sparkteens! Though I'd love to share recipes with you, there actually is a "spin-off" website of Sparkpeople and Sparkteens, called Sparkrecipes. On there, you can share, read, and rate recipes! There's a recipe calculator and all that jazz, and I absolutely J'ADORE it. I just made some banana chocolate chip muffins for 100 calories that I love!

MELROCK13 Posts: 36
9/25/11 3:30 P

Hey everyone! I'm new and I'm starting over now so I'd really appreciate it if you could share some of your healthy recipes/meals. I'd like some ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.
Thank you!

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